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2019 Convention: Ich bin ein Hamburger

Drop anchor in Germany’s gateway to the world, where it’s easy to feel like a local.

Travel as a force for peace

Take a trip outside your comfort zone and come back with a broader perspective.

The doctor is in

Tyrone "Doc" Bledsoe has a prescription to ensure that young black men attend and finish college: the Student African American Brotherhood.

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Oh, the humanity: Want to be one with the world? Hop on the subway

Our clubs

Warm welcomes
4 questions about holding a World Polio Day event
Remembering 1987-88 RI President Charles C. Keller
Convention countdown: Day trips
Friends and family
Rotaract clubs earn awards for excellent service

Our world

Winning gambit
Stream of consciousness
Pride of place
2018 convention wrap up

July 2018

Call me Barry: Rotary’s new president, Barry Rassin

Rotary’s new president, Barry Rassin, strikes a perfect balance between Bahamian bonhomie and decisive leadership.

Community builders

After fleeing conflict in their home countries, young people living in a Ugandan refugee settlement establish their own Rotaract club.

School for skeptics

In the internet age, literacy means distinguishing between fact and fiction.

Our clubs

Down to earth: Rotary Club of Morro Bay Sunset, California
Club innovation: Australia nomads
4 questions with Pieter Koeleman
Convention Countdown: The Germany You Don’t Know
Apply for presidential committees

Our world

Solid structure
It’s all in a day’s work
Q&A with Fabio Pacucci
Mother of invention
Viewpoints: Put a sock in it

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