창설일: 28-Aug-2013


This group is created to develop & exchange INNOVATIVE IDEAS for a Rotary or Rotaract projects. From the experience it has been seen that we try to do something for the humanity and of course for the society, but we don't know what type of programs/projects should be taken. Thats why we need to determine the local needs and if we share our ideas then we can do even more better. The future of Rotary is in our hand, so let's put it together for the greater interest.

If you have questions about Rotary Showcase or Rotary Ideas we can gladly answer them here as well. 

If you are planning a project please post it as as a new discussion in this group.  Multilanguage: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian, and Arabic supported by staff in this group.  For more information on Project Lifecycle Resources you can also click here.


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