Trustee chair's message

Gary C.K. Huang

Trustee Chair 2019-20

August 2019

We have some very good problems that I want to discuss with you. The number of Rotary global grant requests is exploding. Rotarians are seeing the amazing impact of our grants, and they want to harness the power of global grants to take on ambitious projects.

One crucial aspect of our global grants is the emphasis on sustainability when planning a project. When we come together to tackle a problem, we do not just drop off a check and leave. We change lives. We bring sustainable solutions. The growth in the number of applications for global grants is a good problem to have; it shows Rotarians' dedication to service. But to fund more global grants, we need to keep The Rotary Foundation growing.

Another good problem we have is how best to support Rotarians' desire to provide relief in the face of disasters. Through our disaster response program, clubs can get grants from a new fund when a disaster strikes — but only if you fund it. We can help our fellow Rotarians rebuild quickly, but we need you to step up.

And we are so close to ending polio forever. All of us have done great things in our lives. But just imagine that you make the donation that funds those final drops that rid the world of polio forever. You will never do anything so great and so important in your life.

There is an old bit of wisdom that says, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." So open your heart and give to your Foundation. It may be the most important thing that you ever do.

Donate today, then drop by my Facebook page and tell everyone just how good giving made you feel. Let's connect and change the world together.

July 2019

I am so excited to have this opportunity to communicate with you every month in my new role as chair of The Rotary Foundation Trustees. When I look at the amazing work that the Foundation has ahead of it this year, I'm astonished. We are making such an enormous, lasting impact on the world. In the near future, polio will be wiped off the face of the earth — all because of you.

I see my role as chair much like the position I played on my high school basketball team. I was the point guard. It was my job to bring the ball up court and make sure my teammates received the ball when they were open. Nothing made me happier than to see them make shots.

We didn't have the high-five back when I played, but I would have loved to give out high-fives for every basket. Now I'm eager to give them to you. Think about it: There is so much you can do to give a high-five to the Foundation. I started out by getting all five members of the Huang family in Rotary — my wife, three children, and myself — and keeping us donating year after year to the Foundation.

Now, let's see how many high-fives all of us can give in the next year. Whether you write five more checks, hold five more fundraisers, find five new donors, or simply give five more dollars, every high-five counts.

This year, I am going to fill my Social media accounts with all the Rotary Foundation high-fives I give around the world and tell the stories of the generous people who are bringing us closer to our goals. Join me on Facebook (@garyckhuang) and share your stories. And feel free to give your own high-fives.

Let's reach our goals and keep going. Clubs have great projects — they are counting on us. And the children of the world are counting on us. Right now — you're open! Take the shot! Let's make this the Foundation's greatest year yet.