Rotary Peace Fellowships: The role of Rotarians

Rotary’s commitment to peace and the generosity of Rotarians around the world combine to make the Rotary Peace Centers program distinctive and successful.

Clubs and districts have the power to shape the next generation of peace leaders by recruiting and nominating peace fellows, and keeping them engaged after the fellowship ends.

Districts interview and endorse qualified candidates, which is required before The Rotary Foundation can consider a candidate. Clubs help by recommending and coaching qualified candidates.

Step one: Recruit candidates

  • Promote the Rotary Peace Fellowships to qualified candidates.
  • Meet with candidates to help them decide which program best matches their interests, experience, and goals.
  • Refer a candidate to our staff, who will contact them.

Step two: Support candidates

  • Provide feedback on resumes and essays.
  • Complete online training courses on the fellowship and the role of the district.
  • Volunteer to submit a club recommendation.
  • Instruct candidates to submit applications to districts by 31 May.

Step three: Interview and endorse candidates (districts)

  • Appoint a Rotary Peace Fellowships subcommittee chair to oversee endorsements.
  • Complete endorsement training.
  • Review all submitted applications online.
  • Interview qualified candidates and decide whether to endorse each. 

Step four: Submit endorsements (districts)

  • Submit endorsement forms online by 1 July.
  • Receive confirmation that the application and endorsement have been completed (districts and candidates).


Step five: Receive results

  • The Rotary Peace Centers Committee selects finalists and alternates in October
  • Candidates and districts receive results in November


Learn more about the eligibility requirements for the master’s degree program and the professional development certificate program.

Rotary Peace Fellowships may not be used for doctoral study. You are not eligible for the master's degree program if you are:

  • An active Rotary member
  • An employee of a Rotary club or district, Rotary International, or another Rotary entity
  • A spouse, lineal descendant (child or grandchild by blood or legal adoption), spouse of a lineal descendant, or the parent or grandparent by blood of any living person in the previous categories
  • A former Rotary member, or their relative as described above, within 36 months of the member’s resignation

Recipients of Rotary global grant scholarships must wait three years after completing the scholarship to apply for a Rotary Peace Fellowship.

Rotary Peace Fellows who have completed the certificate program must wait three years to apply for the master’s degree program.

Rotary Peace Fellows who have completed the master’s degree program must wait five years to apply for the certificate program.

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