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Lifecycle of a project

Get everything you need to take your project from idea to completion. Find information, resources, and online tools to help you accomplish each stage of your project's lifecycle:

Planning & organizing
Acquiring resources
Implementing your project
Evaluating & promoting

Set service goals for the year and track your progress, including volunteer hours and donations, through Rotary Club Central.

Project Lifecycle Resources group

Update volunteers, community supporters, and club members on your progress and last-minute needs through our discussion group.

Rotary Ideas

Help improve your community or support a Rotary cause by volunteering or donating to a service project. Need help with your club or district project? Rotary Ideas can help with that, too.

Rotary Showcase

See what Rotary is accomplishing. Visit our showcase, read about projects in your own community and across the globe, and be inspired by the positive change we're creating.


Your generous donation to The Rotary Foundation will support projects in your community at home and around the world. Find out more:

Ways to give
Planned giving
Donor recognition

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Apply for grants

Our grant application tool helps you manage your grant from start to finish. Use it to apply for grants from The Rotary Foundation, coordinate with grant partners, file progress reports, qualify your district, and other online grants business.

District grants

Fund a small-scale, short-term project that can focus on your community at home and communities abroad.

Global grants

Support large international activities that result in sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary's six areas of focus.

Programs of Scale grants

Programs of scale grants are Rotary Foundation grants that benefit a large number of people or a significant geographical area. Their reach can be international, national, regional, or districtwide.

Disaster response grants

Disaster response grants support relief and recovery efforts in areas that have been affected by natural disaster.


Grant travel