Solutions for your website issues

Since the website launched at the end of August, more than 27,000 people created an account on My Rotary. We have been working to correct several issues you may have encountered while using the new website. If you still have problems, please send us an email. And as always, thank you for your patience and support.

Member access denied

To access the tools and applications previously available through the Member Access Portal (MAP), you'll be asked to sign in again if it has been four hours since you last signed in. If after signing in a second time, you still receive an "Access Denied" error message, try signing out (available on your My Rotary profile page) and signing back in. For 99 percent of the users, this solves the problem.

The other one percent may receive this message because either their role does not give them access or their new role as a club or district leader has not been updated in our database. Users in this situation are directed to get in touch with Rotary through the Contact Us form. We are working to improve the registration and address this issue going forward.


The registration process requires and now informs users to answer the security question with a minimum four-character answer.

Rotary Club Central, District reports & Zone reports

We heard from some club officers and district officers that they were unable to access Rotary Club Central and District Reports including MCR and CRS. In addition, several zone reports were not available. Most of the access to these reports has been restored, although we are troubleshooting a few remaining cases as they arise and hope to have these wrapped up this week. If the issues persist, try signing out and signing back in.

Club Finder

We heard feedback from many Rotarians that the Club Finder results based on location were providing inconsistent results. We have updated the club finder to utilize keyword search only.

Site language reverts to English

We are troubleshooting these issues and hope to have them resolved soon.

Recommended browsers

The new website works best on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and 10, and Safari 5 or higher. We are working on a solution to make the site accessible in older browsers. If you encounter compatibility view errors when using IE9 or 10, please follow the instructions on the screen. When clicking on a link in Outlook, Word or other Microsoft Office product, IE will launch by default. You need to cut and paste links into Chrome or another browser.

Document links and redirects

Documents: We experienced a bug that prevented old document links from successfully redirecting users to the new document path. This has been fixed, so existing links for documents should take you through to the document. There are some isolated cases where this fails, and if you encounter one, please send us an email with details.

Web pages: There are redirects in place for some (but not all) of the old website URLs. We are putting these redirects in place strategically to catch some traffic from existing hyperlinks (in search engines and on club and district websites). If there is no redirect in place, a user will see a "page not found" message and be directed to the homepage to start navigating the site. This will help the users be aware of the bigger picture for what has changed, and begin to use the navigation system as designed (menus, search, task navigation, breadcrumbs, etc.). We encourage Rotarians and others to update their links to point directly to the new web addresses.


We are troubleshooting a few issues with the new RSS feed. The feed is working for the most part and the bugs should be resolved soon.