Rotary’s 2016-17 annual report is now available

This year’s annual report shows how, as people of action, Rotary members exchange ideas, forge lifelong relationships, and invest in service projects that make a lasting impact in communities all over the world.

The 2016-17 annual report is available online in all of the main Rotary languages through a new interactive edition that allows readers to learn more about Rotary and our members.

Print copies will be available free of charge from Rotary’s shop in early 2018.



#1   Submitted By Sverre Øverland on 27-Dec-2017 10:06 am

I am not able to download Annul Report from anny of the formats above

#2   Submitted By Erwin Heinzelmann on 3-Jan-2018 10:36 am

Gibt es den Jahresbericht 2016/17 auch als PDF-Datei? Wo kann man diese Datei herunterladen?

#3   Submitted By Urs Klemm on 6-Jan-2018 12:15 pm

I need an annual report, not a picture book. Therefore a PDF in the usual format should be available as soon as possible.

#4   Submitted By Jean VISTE on 8-Jan-2018 04:32 am

I prefer an excel file with al the results of the year with indicatores

#5   Submitted By Chang-Weon Kang on 8-Jan-2018 07:04 pm

I need a pdf file.

#6   Submitted By Ravindra Shukla on 11-Jan-2018 05:30 am

I need a pdf file.

#7   Submitted By Carlo Michelotti on 23-Jan-2018 03:03 am

I need a real Annual report (.pdf) not a propaganda for Rotary!

#8   Submitted By Jacques SARTEEL on 1-Feb-2018 05:01 am

It's a very nice presentation of what done the Rotarians all over the world, but as DRFC I need a .pdf file to use it for my work at district meeting and district and clubs managers formation. Thank you.

#9   Submitted By Olivier Moschkowitz on 1-Feb-2018 10:41 am

Je confirme qu'un pdf serait utile !!