Rotary to premiere latest virtual reality film

Following the success of its first virtual reality film, released in October, Rotary is leveraging Google's virtual reality technology to offer an experience that showcases the impact of compassion to a global audience.

We're producing a three-minute virtual reality film that emphasizes the two themes of polio and peace, and how Rotary's work to eradicate the disease is increasing stability across the world.

We'll premiere the film on 13 June during the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It will be widely released in time for World Polio Day on 24 October.

We invite convention attendees to this limited-seating, , which promises to be one of the largest simultaneous viewings of virtual reality held to date. Using Google's virtual reality viewer, Cardboard, Rotarians from all over the world will witness the extraordinary journey of a child whose own world has been torn apart by conflict.

The film will immerse viewers in this child's world, and they'll experience for themselves the impact that small acts of compassion, protection, and kindness can have on others.

Rotary's first virtual reality film, "I Dream of an Empty Ward," premiered on World Polio Day last year. The film takes viewers to India, which has been polio-free since 2011, to follow Alokita, a young woman paralyzed by polio as a child.

Traveling through the streets of Delhi, viewers get a close look at life in India, and what's being done to keep the country polio-free. And, through a visit to India's only polio ward, at St. Stephen's Hospital, they witness Alokita's triumphant first steps after 11 years.

District 5160 (California, USA) helped fund Rotary's latest virtual reality project.