Rotary Global Rewards: Frequently asked questions

What is Rotary Global Rewards?

The Rotary Global Rewards program offers Rotary and Rotaract club members discounts on products and services for travel, entertainment, and merchandise. Access the Rotary Global Rewards program from the Member Center.

Why was the program created?

2015-16 Rotary President K.R. Ravindran and Rotary's Board of Directors developed the idea for the rewards program to help clubs enhance member satisfaction and retention. The program is also a way to thank members for their service and their generous support of The Rotary Foundation.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Every active Rotary and Rotaract club member is automatically eligible to participate in the Rotary Global Rewards program.

Rotaractors must be in our records to redeem or add offers on Rotary Global Rewards. If after signing in to your My Rotary account, you are unable to use Rotary Global Rewards, send your Rotaract club name and membership start date to using your My Rotary sign-in email so we can update your membership in our database. Please allow 3-5 days for the change to take effect.

How can I sign up?

If you're an active Rotary or Rotaract club member with a My Rotary account, you already have access to all special offers and discounts. If you need help creating an account, review the How to create a My Rotary account guide (PDF)

What rewards are available to me?

The program includes discounts on vehicle rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. More products and services from companies around the world are being added every week.

Is the program available to spouses and other family members of Rotarians?

The rewards program is for Rotary and Rotaract club members only. 

Is the rewards program available in languages other than English?

For now, offers from participating companies will be listed in English only. As we expand the program, we'll add offers in more languages.

Can I redeem rewards from my mobile phone?

Yes. Simply sign in to your My Rotary account using your smartphone or tablet. Need more help? Review How to find deals (mobile) (PDF).

What if I have a problem redeeming an offer?

For questions related to a specific offer, please contact the company directly using the contact information in the offer. If you're unable to resolve the issue with the company, please tell us so we can troubleshoot the problem. Select the flagged link under Claim Offer.

Can I add my own offer?

Yes. If you're an active Rotary or Rotaract member with a My Rotary account, you can add special offers for discounts on products and services from your own business.

After signing in to your My Rotary account, select the Create a New Offer tab on Rotary Global Rewards to add your offer. Need help? Refer to How to create an offer (PDF).

Which browser should I use?

For the best experience, use a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 to redeem rewards.

Still have questions?

Contact us.