Rotary-affiliated groups

When planning a project, you can team up with other groups in the Rotary family to widen the scope of your project or make a bigger impact.

Intercountry committees

An intercountry committee, or ICC, is a network of Rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries working together. They’re formed with the approval of district governors. You might work with an ICC to:

  • Cooperate on international service projects
  • Sponsor a new Rotary club
  • Develop a sister or twin club network between participating countries
  • Create a Rotary Friendship Exchange between two countries

Interact clubs

Interact is a service club for young leaders ages 12 to 18. Interactors can infuse creativity and enthusiasm into your club's next service project. If your club doesn’t sponsor an Interact club, ask your district how to find the club closest to you. Watch videos about some successful Interact projects.

Rotaract clubs

Rotaract is Rotary’s global network of young adults ages 18 to 30. By collaborating with Rotaractors, you invite fresh perspectives to your service project and develop connections with the next generation of Rotary leaders. If your club doesn’t sponsor a Rotaract club, ask your district how to find the club in a university or community near you. For project ideas, read about some outstanding Rotaract projects.

Rotarian Action Groups

Rotarian Action Groups can help Rotary clubs and districts plan and carry out service projects. Each group has a specific area of expertise. They are autonomous, international groups organized by committed Rotarians, their family members, and Rotaractors. View a list of Rotarian Action Groups and contact them directly to find out how you can join or partner on a project.

Rotary Community Corps

A Rotary Community Corps is a group of non-Rotarians who share Rotary’s values and commitment to service. With the guidance and support of their sponsor Rotary clubs, corps plan and carry out projects that address issues affecting their communities. They can also help support Rotary club service efforts.

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