Nigeria reclassified as polio endemic

Nigeria reported three cases of wild poliovirus in the northeastern state of Borno in August of this year. Following the World Health Organization's confirmation of these cases, the country returned to the list of polio-endemic countries. The other polio-endemic countries are Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These are the first cases detected in the country since July 2014, and while this news is disappointing for all Rotary members, we are confident that Nigeria can defeat polio. Rotary provided $500,000 to assist immediately with the outbreak response, and an emergency response plan has been put into action in coordination with our partners. Large-scale vaccination campaigns are ongoing across five countries in the Lake Chad basin to counter the outbreak.

Despite these new cases, there has been significant progress toward ending polio in Nigeria, the rest of the African continent, and globally.

As recently as 2012, Nigeria accounted for more than half of all polio cases in the world; however, thanks to quality vaccination campaigns and surveillance, as well as political commitment, the country has made significant progress. Furthermore, the new cases were detected due to ongoing efforts to strengthen surveillance, especially in insecure areas.

We have proven strategies to stop new outbreaks quickly, even in insecure regions or areas made vulnerable by conflict, such as South Sudan and Syria. These strategies will also overcome the outbreak in Nigeria.

Rotary is committed to the eradication of polio, and we will continue to support our members, particularly those in Nigeria who have worked so hard to help the country end polio. With your help, we can ensure that there is no remaining home for the virus.

Michael K. McGovern, International PolioPlus Chair



#1   Submitted By Jude Ohanele on 1-Oct-2016 11:44 am

Sad development. But we shall overcome.

#2   Submitted By Charles Essien on 2-Oct-2016 03:11 pm

Sad Development.


#3   Submitted By DONISETE FUZARI on 3-Oct-2016 02:43 pm

Não podemos desistir nunca!!! Nós rotarianos temos este compromisso assumido com o mundo e se Deus quiser conseguiremos extinguir definitivamente este vírus da face da terra.

#4   Submitted By Jayesh Suthar on 4-Oct-2016 01:27 am

We Rotarians are commited to the Eradication of Polio.

Once again we will work hard & will doing 100% vaccination coverage & excellent Survailance & at Last we will achieve "POLIO FREE WORLD" definitely.

All together we can.

Thank Rotary for supporting.


#5   Submitted By Olanrewaju Adefowope on 4-Oct-2016 03:51 pm

Its really painful, just when we are about to join the league of polio free nations. Sure it will only make us stronger. We shall overcome.

#6   Submitted By Deho Emmanuel on 5-Oct-2016 08:28 am

We have come a long way and are not going to give up. I believe in Rotary's commitment and we shall overcome it once again

#7   Submitted By Dilip Deshpande on 5-Oct-2016 10:32 am

Rotary is committed to the eradication of polio, and we as members will continue to support this initiative, particularly those in Nigeria who have worked so hard to help the country end polio. With united consistent efforts, we can ensure that there is no remaining home for the virus.

#8   Submitted By Wasiu Babalola on 5-Oct-2016 07:42 pm

We will definately overcome.

#9   Submitted By Frederick Egbamuno on 7-Oct-2016 04:41 pm

This is really sad but it strengthens our resolve to fight on to defeat this scourge.

#10   Submitted By Bert Jan Potter... on 9-Oct-2016 05:43 am

This is really a sad development; if 3 cases are diagnosed, the virus is there amongst many more and the extra 500.000 $ immediate response of Rotary is of paramount importance !

#11   Submitted By Concepción Álva... on 10-Oct-2016 03:07 pm

Lamentable conocer esta noticia, tenemos que redoblar esfuerzos para que no avance mas es terrible enfermedad.


#12   Submitted By Lucio Oscar Gon... on 11-Oct-2016 04:08 am

triste noticia, pero no devastadora, el compromiso y esperanza esta perenne en todos los rotarios

#13   Submitted By Enrique Moreno ... on 11-Oct-2016 11:52 am

Lamentable noticia. Esto nos obliga a redoblar esfuerzos y contribuir para erradicar este terrible mal. Sigamos adelante. Falta muy poco. 

#14   Submitted By Mohamed Lebady on 11-Oct-2016 10:38 pm

De Tanger à Captown toute l'Afrique doit se mobiliser pour qu'il n'y ait plus aucun foyer de polio dans notre continent, le Maroc est solidaire avec le Nigéria pour enrayer ce foyer naissant jusqu'à son extinction totale.

Mohamed Lebady - Président       Rotary Club de Rabat