New program logos available in Brand Center

Rotaract and Interact have a new look. We’ve refreshed the logos and graphics to reflect Rotary’s visual identity and to help you deliver a compelling message in your promotional materials. In addition, we’ve created guidelines for applying the new look to RYLA and Rotary Youth Exchange communications.

In coming months, you will find more resources in the Brand Center, including templates for using our new look in your brochures, slideshows, and promotional materials.


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#1   Submitted By S. KARTHIGEYAN on 14-Jul-2015 09:30 am

yes i need new rotary international logo

#2   Submitted By Gilbert Thien on 22-Jul-2015 09:36 am

Areas of Focus and RI Strategic Plan icons templates and downloads would be much helpful.

#3   Submitted By YEKEEN MOHAMMED... on 13-Aug-2015 04:04 pm

Pls I need rotary international presidents image,god bless rotary 

#4   Submitted By Joanne Marie Jao on 30-Aug-2015 06:44 pm

given the new logo, can we still use our own club logo beside the international logo? just for clarification please.. thank you.

#5   Submitted By María del Carme... on 28-Sep-2015 11:18 am

I need the logo for youth exchange programe, thank you.

#6   Submitted By George Ototo on 12-Oct-2015 12:26 am

I need  the logo for rotary theme

#7   Submitted By Dave Mattar on 28-Jan-2016 02:15 am

Unable to access the site. A copy of the latest logo would be appreciated

#8   Submitted By David Meller on 6-Feb-2016 10:25 pm

I require a large sized colored logo of the 6 Areas of Focus of Rotary for a wall display

#9   Submitted By Silviu PUNI on 14-Feb-2016 11:40 am
The 2016-2017 theme are so Rotary inspirational.
#10   Submitted By Melissa Willis on 30-Mar-2016 01:38 pm

I am looking for the Maternal and Child Health Area of Focus Logo in a vector file. 


#11   Submitted By Cristina Frey on 30-Apr-2016 05:32 am

I can't access the branding page. I need the new Rotary logo vector file for a banner. Thank you.

Send it to Cristina.Frey@Cuadri.US

Thank you

#12   Submitted By Peter Ziem on 12-May-2016 04:06 pm

Where do I find RYLA logo?

#13   Submitted By Raymond Martin on 12-May-2016 07:41 pm

I need an eps file for the Rotary Wheel to have printed on a flag 1500x900

#14   Submitted By Krishna Mangipudi on 10-Jul-2016 06:23 pm

I need Rotary Peace logos

#15   Submitted By Willy Choong on 1-Aug-2016 05:38 am
I need the logo for rotary theme 2016-2017
#16   Submitted By T. Vishnu Priyan on 8-Aug-2016 05:44 pm

Its so easy to access and get #Rotaract Logo..Thanks to Team Brand Center RI

#17   Submitted By Suresh Shanmugam on 10-Aug-2016 02:03 am

Where I can find Rotary Friendship Exchange new logo? 

Please advice me

#18   Submitted By Timothy Granzeau on 8-Sep-2016 01:15 pm

We use a dark blue background. I am looking for a transparent white or yellow NEW Rotary logo.

#19   Submitted By Timothy Granzeau on 13-Sep-2016 11:42 am

Why no response?

#20   Submitted By Manfred Nahler on 13-Nov-2016 03:21 am

Um sich bei "brandcenter..." zu registrieren, benötigt man offensichtlich ein Informatikstudium. ich habe keine Lust, als Berechtigter bei ein solches Prozedere zu veranstalten, nur um Logos für den Club herunterzuladen.

#21   Submitted By Leilani Katz on 8-Dec-2016 07:29 pm

Please send me information on ordering and interact banner with the new Rotary Logo

thank you,

Leilani Katz

#22   Submitted By Fabrizio Pivari on 9-Feb-2017 02:59 pm

I've created a png Rotary logo with "Rotary District 2060" frase.
The problem is that my background is blue and I need to change the colour of the font e.g. the same of the wheel. Probably it's a good idea also to have the possibility to change the wheel colour.

#23   Submitted By Irmgard Praßl on 20-Apr-2017 11:52 am

Ich brauche bitte das diesjährigen Logo "Rotary hilft Menschen" in sehr hoher Auflösung für eine Powerpoint Präsentation in 2 Tagen.

Für die Pinwand sind die Bilder auf der Homepage viel zu klein. Bitte das Bild an schicken.

Herzlichen Dank Irmgard Praßl

#24   Submitted By Christopher Volker on 25-Apr-2017 02:41 pm

Is there a template for stratgeic plan?

#25   Submitted By Christine Jones on 19-May-2017 04:23 am

Hi can I please have a template for the invite , cant seem to open the link. Thank you