The Rotarian

January 2020

What it's like to...

Donate a kidney to a friend. Receive a kidney from a friend. Fly a chopper in Vietnam. Plant a garden with the first lady. In our fifth annual What It’s Like feature, Rotarians have some amazing stories to tell.

Illustrations by Sébastien Thibault

More from the January issue of The Rotarian

Our world

Easy rider
Q&A with Joe Richardson
People of action around the globe
Three Rotary alums build on their friendship


Thanks for not sharing
The dry eye blues

Our clubs

Mile-high spirit in Denver
5 questions about leading a vocational training team
Club innovation: Jefferson City Evening, Missouri
Convention countdown: Come sale away

December 2019

The Sustainability Challenge

Ten years into the Rotary-USAID water and sanitation partnership, here's what worked, what didn't — and why.

A grand (and great-grand) tradition

Proud your parents were Rotarians? Some Rotary families go back five generations.

Our world

Nancy Leonhardt's new chapter
All well and good in Ghana
Q&A with Santosh Kale
People of action around the globe


Bringing up Daddy

Our clubs

No place like Rome
4 questions about starting a Rotary Fellowship
Club Innovation: An online home abroad
Convention countdown: Dessert island

November 2019

Hoops on the Hudson

In Yonkers, New York, a new basketball court four years in the making provides valuable life lessons to the community’s kids — and its adults.

The Rotarian Conversation: Henrietta Fore

Connecting 1.8 billion young people with education and jobs is a tall order. Henrietta Fore, executive director of UNICEF, is calling on Rotarians for ideas.

The Price of Polio

Five Rotarians tell their stories of living with the effects of the disease.

Our world

Chris Wells’ fresh start
Special collections in Barbados
Q&A with Julia Caussil
People of action around the globe
A Foundation to build on


How kindness appreciates
Matchmaker, matchmaker

Our clubs

Go with the flow in Hawaii
4 questions about how to make your club irresistible
Club innovation: Dar es Salaam Oyster Bay, Tanzania
Convention countdown: Family fun

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