The Rotarian

March 2020

Scientist, farmer, innovator, Rotarian

A plainsman with a PhD, Bob Quinn uses his 4,000-acre Montana spread as a laboratory to revive an ancient grain, rethink agricultural practices, and reinvigorate rural communities.


Since 2015, more than 4 million people have fled an economically devastated Venezuela. Tracking the stories of three who left puts faces on that staggering statistic.

Business casual

A youthful outlook isn’t the only key to rejuvenating Rotary, but it’s a start. For President-elect Holger Knaack, the opportunities are endless.

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Our world

Rutger Mazel's global prespective
Q&A with Sarah Tuberty
People of action around the globe
Opening the world


Bound together

Our clubs

High profile in Seoul
4 questions for Bill Gates
Club innovation: A family affair
Convention countdown: Sweet ride

February 2020

More than a library

After the 1994 genocide, Rotarians led a successful campaign to build Rwanda’s first public library. It’s now a lively gathering place and a bastion against ignorance and tyranny.

Rwanda's no-so-distant horror

The Rotarian went to Rwanda 10 years after the genocide and described both the horror and the hope as Rotarians sought to rebuild. The story is as powerful now as it was in 2004.

How to tell fact from fiction...

... and trust the news again. Professional fact-checkers share their techniques.

Toward a more lasting peace

With a new peace center in Africa, a reimagined peace fellowship program, and ambitious plans for the future, Rotary International advances its push for global harmony.

Our world

Earl of sandwiches
Q&A with Pat Rains
People of action around the globe
Halfway around the world in 36 days


Braking news

Our clubs

Service in Stumptown
4 questions about programs of scale grants
Club innovation: Downtown Franklin, Tennessee
Convention countdown: Convenient cuisine

January 2020

What it's like to...

Donate a kidney to a friend. Receive a kidney from a friend. Fly a chopper in Vietnam. Plant a garden with the first lady. In our fifth annual What It’s Like feature, Rotarians have some amazing stories to tell. Illustrations by Sébastien Thibault

Our world

Easy rider
Q&A with Joe Richardson
People of action around the globe
Three Rotary alums build on their friendship


Thanks for not sharing
The dry eye blues

Our clubs

Mile-high spirit in Denver
5 questions about leading a vocational training team
Club innovation: Jefferson City Evening, Missouri
Convention countdown: Come sale away

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