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June 2019

The view from above

Photographer George Steinmetz has captured panoramic aerial images of the plains of Africa, the vast sand dunes of Brazil, and the frozen expanses of Antarctica. In the process, he has gone from wanting to see the world to wanting to save it.

World view

In judging our photo contest, George Steinmetz selected nine images from more than 600 submissions. He brought to the task four decades of traveling and photo- graphing the world, so he can appreciate a photo both for its aesthetic qualities and for the story it tells.

More from the June issue of The Rotarian

Our world

Elias Thomas’ raintrust
Smooth operations
Q&A with Max Toledo
Maasai women make cleanliness their business

Our clubs

Snowbirds’ roost in Florida
5 questions about district grants with Margie Horning
Convention countdown: Online updates

May 2019

Putting civility back into civil discourse

Rotarians find that bringing red and blue Americans together to talk – and listen – fits neatly with The Four-Way Test.

All we are saying...

Al Jubitz and Dennis Wong, two founders of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace, are working hard to give peace a chance.

The Four-Way Test in a post-truth era

As political passions swirl about, keep your eye on the goals of truth and fairness.

The Rotarian conversation with Gregg Easterbook

Author Gregg Easterbook argues that even though optimism has gone out of style, the world is in better shape than ever.

Our world

Profile: Learning curve
Secondhand treasurers
Ambassador to the world: Q&A with John Caulfield
Rotarians destigmatize opioid recovery


Shoe-leather civics
The good shepherd

Our clubs

Rebels with a cause
Club innovation: Future leaders with Rotary Club of Genève International, Switzerland
Convention: Info on the go

April 2019

Why climate change is Rotary’s business

Rotarians understand that the whole world is their backyard, which is why they are taking action to fight climate change. We show how they’re doing it.

Let’s start the conversation

RI President Barry Rassin talks about Rotary’s role in ensuring the well-being of the planet.

Losing ground

As the Arctic heats up, Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, examines the plight of indigenous Alaskans.

Friendly persuasion

The Citizen’s Climate Lobby tackles a contentious issue on Capitol Hill the Rotary way.

Ground game

Rotarians are already hard at work on some of the top-ranked solutions to climate change.

Young Rotary scholars join the conversation

Our world

Profile: A vine idea – Peace cultivator Heidi Kühn
Pingpong in the park
Polio first responder – Q&A with Ujala Nayyar
Second chances for teens in trouble


Type A retirees
Breaking bad

Our clubs

‘Small but feisty’ – Chicagoland’s feisty Lithuanians
7 questions about why polio’s last mile is so important with Michael K. McGovern, International PolioPlus Committee chair
Club innovation: Fresh start with Rotary Club of Napoli Parthenope, Naples, Italy
Convention countdown: Breakout sessions
Incoming governors connect in California

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