The Rotarian

February 2019

After the storm

A year after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, we visited the island to learn how local Rotary members continue to rebuild homes and lives.

The joy of procrastination

It's time to cross "make a list" off your list.

Namaste ya’ll

A British-born Sikh who leads the International Storytelling Center in Tennessee, Kiran Singh Sirah believes spinning tales can foster world peace.

Building peace by degrees

How to become a Rotary Peace Fellow.

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Our world

Peacemaker David Ives
Cases solved
Seeds of opportunity for small farmers


The flip side of hip

Our clubs

Austin powers in Texas
4 questions about sending your club president-elect to the convention
Club innovation: Far-flung fellowship
Convention: Go public
Path to the RI presidency

December 2018

How to read

There's more to literacy than books.

Shelf life

Ready for more reading? With Rotarians in mind, we recommend 20 books — non-fiction and fiction, from writers established and new.

The Rotarian Conversation: Dana Suskind

Child development advocate Dana Suskind urges parents to talk to their babies early and often.

Our world

Pedal power
Constructive engagement
Timing is everything
‘Herring curtains’ spawn a recovery


Decline to decline

Our clubs

Fusion power
4 questions about water and sanitation in Haiti with Jeremy Hurst
Getting the word out
On two wheels

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