The Rotarian

September 2019

Aloha Rotary

Say hello to Honolulu, home to the 2020 Rotary International Convention. And the best way to see this island paradise? Hang with local Rotarians and Rotaractors.

Text Messages

Three writers explore expedient strategies for reading, the labyrinths of lexicography, and the subtle pleasures of rereading a favorite book.

Book Smarts

If you want to get serious about reading, time is not your friend. Here are some suggestions for making each book count.

High Definition

A longtime lexicographer reveals the rebarbative precision by which dictionaries are made and celebrates the unruly evolution of the English language.

Book Returns

Rereading an old favorite at different stages in life is a chance to discover new things in the text and in ourselves.

More from the September issue of The Rotarian

Our world

Rotarian rides again
Coral reef revival
Q&A with Anabella Palacios
People of action around the globe


How I met my sister

Our clubs

Tokyo rise
4 questions about family-friendly projects
Club innovation: Roseville, California
Convention update: Turtle power

August 2019

What Happens When You Say Yes To Rotary

These 17 people joined Rotary to make a difference — only to find themselves transformed.

The Rotarian Conversation: Jonathan Quick

When it comes to epidemics, public health expert Jonathan Quick says we have the solutions. We simply have to embrace them.

What We Learn By Living Somewhere Else

A Chicago artist and actor spent a season away from home and found another place to belong.

Our world

Right at home
Class project
Q&A with Noelle Volin
People of action around the globe


Don’t play it again, Dad

Our clubs

Comeback club in Indiana
4 questions about international project partnerships with Beth Keck
Club innovation: Northern Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Convention update: Honolulu museums

July 2019

The Past is Prologue

For nearly 40 years, RI’s new president, Mark Daniel Maloney, and his family have demonstrated that Rotary connects the world.

The Wheel Deal

How one member of a shrinking club took a unique approach to wooing new recruits, starting with the town’s civic leaders.

The Grief That Does Not Speak

While dining with an old friend, an acclaimed Chicago author witnesses the enduring repercussions of violence.

The Rotarian Conversation: Alex Kotlowitz

Noted writer Alex Kotlowitz, an astute observer of social imbalance, says that whatever our address or economic status, we are all neighbors.

Our world

Peace coach Tamara Smiley Hamilton
That sinking feeling
Q&A with Fatima Lahmami Langlois
Sanitation solutions in Lebanon


Wishful thanking

Our clubs

Making a splash in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
6 questions about restoring the home of Rotary’s founder
Club innovation: Duluth Superior Eco, Minnesota
Convention update: Aloha spirit

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