Changes to the Official Directory

The CD and full-length print version of the Official Directory will no longer be available starting for the 2016-17 Rotary year. A full-length PDF version will be made available and is only accessible with a My Rotary account.

The front portion of the directory will be printed in a smaller, spiral bound edition. This version may be purchased for US$10 by contacting our Rotary staff or calling 847-866-4600.



#1   Submitted By Maris Brenner on 20-Jun-2016 08:36 am

I need to get the pictures of each of the last 20 RI Themes.  MOre if possible.  Can you direct me to a place I can look at them and cut and past them for a powerpoint I am giving this WED??



#2   Submitted By Emmanuel Serriere on 20-Jun-2016 12:37 pm

The fellowship of Convention goers should have that

I will also look in my archives as the fellowship of Rotary on Stamps published it last year

#3   Submitted By Emmanuel Serriere on 20-Jun-2016 12:42 pm

I also found this for you:



#4   Submitted By Karen Stute on 20-Jun-2016 01:39 pm

I would like to send an email to the Membership members of the Holdrege, NE Rotary Club informing them of an upcoming meeting.  How is this done on the website.  Thank you.  Karen Stute

#5   Submitted By Ruben Belmonte ... on 20-Jun-2016 02:19 pm

Soy presidente electo para la gestión 2016-2017 Rotary Club La Paz Sur distrito 4690. ¿quisiera saber si el directorio para esta gestión está incorporado? ¿cómo verifco?

Ruben Belmonte

#6   Submitted By Fernando Xochih... on 20-Jun-2016 02:35 pm

Una pregunta ¿ Los asistentes de Gobernador aparecemos en el Directorio?


#7   Submitted By Monobrata Roy on 21-Jun-2016 05:06 am

 I urgently need the message of R I P-2016-17 ,John F.Germ for me ,President ,2016-17 of Rotary Club of Bardhaman Heritge, R I D -3240.

#8   Submitted By Lindy Myers on 22-Jun-2016 03:20 pm

Changed my login email name.

#9   Submitted By G MANJUNATH SHETTY on 23-Jun-2016 12:20 am

I being handing over to Shetty G Manjunatha(Id-9335814) as President for 2016-17 for Byndoor RC-21639 changed the login UN (mail: &PW for New president. New Secretary for 2016-17 would be Sudhakara P(Id-5196934)

#10   Submitted By Suhas Gharpure on 23-Jun-2016 07:34 am

 I did not receive the Official Directory and CD version even for 2015-16.

#11   Submitted By Usama Barghouthi on 23-Jun-2016 01:38 pm

The best place for themes and history of Rotary is Rotary Global History Fellowship website

#12   Submitted By Thomas Dietinger on 25-Jun-2016 02:27 am

According to the text above ("Das Verzeichnis von Rotary Intenational 2016/17 (Official Directory) steht jetzt als PDF zum Herunterladen zur Verfügung.") a PDF download for die Rotary Directory should be available, however the link does not lead to a place where it can be downloaded ... (just to the online database).

Who can help?

Thanks in advance!

#13   Submitted By Patricia Valien... on 25-Jun-2016 11:14 am

quisiera agregar los datos de la tesorera  correo electronico

#14   Submitted By Horacio Sansosti on 25-Jun-2016 05:34 pm

Hubo un cambio para la Secretaria entrante  a partir del 1 de julio se GLADYS CORDOBA

#15   Submitted By Kinichi Tanaka on 27-Jun-2016 08:22 am

2015-16year  19 menber  and

 2016-17year 19 menber

office addres is change A101 2299 togasaki misato city saitama japan 341-0044


#16   Submitted By Alexander Reuyan on 27-Jun-2016 08:35 am

2015-2016     26 members and

2016-2017      24 members

#17   Submitted By Rosario Dalangin on 27-Jun-2016 03:28 pm

I, Rosario C. Dalangin be the incomingPresident of Rotary Club of Pulilan Diamond ALL STAR TEAM District 3770 Ry 2016-2017 and my secretary is Archie Leonardo.

#18   Submitted By Ssaazi Richard on 28-Jun-2016 01:58 pm

Kajaye Joseph is our incoming club secretary and let his email change from: to and let him access club central using the new email.

#19   Submitted By Ssaazi Richard on 28-Jun-2016 02:03 pm

Kajaye Joseph of the Rotary club of Kayunga no 52290 District 9211 is our incoming club secretary and let his email change from: to and let him access club central using the new email.

#20   Submitted By D..K Manoharan on 29-Jun-2016 09:41 pm

M. SELVAM of the Rotary Club of Vellore Golden City RI District 3230 is our incoming Club President for the Rotary Year 2016-17 and let his e-mail change from to and let him access club central using the new email.

#21   Submitted By K Venkatesh Karanth on 30-Jun-2016 11:47 pm

I am as Secreatary for 2015-16 in this club gets the position handed over to Sudhakara P for 2016-17. Pl up date the profile of Raghurama Shetty S to G Manjunatha Shetty who is now nominated as President for 2016-17 with contact mail to:

#22   Submitted By Rafael Valdés Ortiz on 1-Jul-2016 02:15 pm

C.R.Saltillo Industrial No. 22960 Presidente ciclo 2016-2017 el Dr. Gustavo Durón Araujo, email <> tel: 844 4312644; movil 844 4270585; Secretario ciclo 2016-2017 el Ing. Emérico Pedraza Ramos email<> tel: 844 4155881; movil 844 4278165; tesorero ciclo 2016-2017 el CP. Carlos Olvera Escalona email<> tel: 844 4153415; movil 844 1224379 por favor permitir acceso como fduncionarios.

#23   Submitted By Suyapa Ochoa Ve... on 1-Jul-2016 02:53 pm

Buen dia Compañeros rotarios. El presente es para solicitar el envio de mi Paul Harris para poder recibirlo el 12 de Julio, fecha en que tendremos la visita del Gobernador del Distrito. La contribucion complementaria de $ 550.00 fue realizada el dia de hoy.

Saludos cordiales


#24   Submitted By Dauda Musa S on 3-Jul-2016 06:18 am

Old email: new email: email New Secretary Rotary club Kawo-Kaduna District 9125 Nigeria.

#25   Submitted By Rajeev Toshniwal on 3-Jul-2016 09:31 am

President : Rajeev Toshniwal, Secretary : Dr. Mrs Nisha Shekhawat, Address for communication : "Mangal Dhaam", Near Revenue Board, Todarmal Marg, Ajmer - 305001, India, email:, Tel: 9352009000