Applications now being accepted: Pilot allows innovative and flexible approaches to running a club

Is your club interested in trying new ways to find and keep members? Then it may be a good fit for the Innovative and Flexible Rotary Club pilot to experiment with variations on the traditional Rotary club structure. Applications are due 31 March.

The RI Board of Directors invites up to 850 more clubs to take part in the pilot. Your club could try out ideas not currently allowed under the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, such as shared attendance with spouses, alternating between online and in-person meetings, or new leadership structures.

For example, the Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise, N.S.W., Australia has three members sharing leadership responsibilities for a year as co-presidents. The club reports that having three leaders put their skills and ideas to use is prompting the club to try new things, and has already resulted in a 25 percent gain in membership.

To qualify:

• Your club must have been chartered no later than 30 June 2010, have at least 20 members, and be in good financial standing with Rotary International.
• Two-thirds of your club's members must vote to participate in the pilot and certify the results on the voting certificate included with your application.
• Your club must agree to participate from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017 and to submit reports to Rotary International.
• Your club must register with and maintain records through Rotary Club Central and My Rotary.
• Applications are due by 31 March.

For full details, see the 2015-17 Innovative and Flexible Rotary Club Pilot Guidelines and apply for the pilot online.

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