2016 Interact Video Awards now open

Show us your Interact club in action and you could receive $500 for your club's next project.

For our eighth annual Interact Video Awards, we're asking Interact clubs to create a short video (30 seconds to three minutes) showing one of the following:

  • If Interactors ruled the world — Imagine a world where Interactors are in charge, making big decisions that shape our world and future. How would Interactors transform the world for good?
  • Sustainable Development Goals — The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals include ending poverty, protecting our planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. Interactors are vital to achieving these goals by 2030. Choose one of the goals and show how your club is taking action to help achieve it.

Invite teachers, parents, and your local Rotary and Rotaract clubs to help make your Interact club's vision a reality.

Videos are due 2 December. All videos must be in English or include English subtitles. And be sure that any music you use is either original or royalty-free. Learn more on the Interact Facebook page, or email interact@rotary.org.

Interact is Rotary's program for young leaders ages 12 to 18.