Newly Updated Rotary Club Central Now Available

The new and improved Rotary Club Central is here. It's now faster, easier to navigate, and presents past and current club data in a more accessible way. Additional features include:

  • Inputting Rotary Foundation goals in local currency
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs make it easy to set goals and plan for the future
  • A simpler way to track service activities and volunteer hours

Plus, you can plan and track membership initiatives, service activities, and Foundation giving, as well as complete Rotary Citation goals.

Rotary Club Central is also a great tool for succession planning. As club leadership changes, having a historical record of goals and achievements can make the transition between leaders seamless.

To learn more, watch The Improved Rotary Club Central video. If you need assistance navigating the new platform, go to the and search for Rotary Club Central to access any of the several guides.

Check out the new today.



#1   Submitted By Thanjannagounde... on 28-Jul-2017 12:31 am

Good morning. Club  invoice 1st July

Send. By Rtn Sambamoorthy president 18-19

R. C. Vellore South 

#2   Submitted By Cajetan Awuja on 28-Jul-2017 02:58 am

No comment

#3   Submitted By Nicole Peña on 30-Jul-2017 08:05 pm

Will club central be available for Rotaractors as well? I believe it would help us step up our game even further, help with our growth and could even help the transition on becoming rotarians or a dual member :D

#4   Submitted By Enrique Santos on 30-Jul-2017 10:21 pm

thank you

#5   Submitted By Enrique Santos on 30-Jul-2017 10:21 pm



#6   Submitted By Anand Mukerji on 31-Jul-2017 10:29 am

Deposited RI Dues for RC LUCKNOW Khaas RID 3120

#7   Submitted By Ashwani Tandon on 2-Aug-2017 09:06 pm

Deposited RI dues..for RC Ganga..Started Adult literacy project happy school..child education

#8   Submitted By Ashfaque Ahmed on 3-Aug-2017 11:22 am

Good Morning Every One!!

Please provied a list of dates and venue of District Conferences of various districts of India. I think it will help rotarians to extend fellowship with rotarians of other district.  

Thank you .

With regards Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed, R.C. Rourkela Central

#9   Submitted By V VENKATESAN on 4-Aug-2017 12:36 am

Deposited RI dues on 31.07.2017.This week we are celebrating World BreastFeeding Week -2017.

RC Neyveli Powercity.District 2981 Zone-4

#10   Submitted By Sandra Cavichia on 4-Aug-2017 04:15 pm

Boa noite, que bom que temos esta ferramenta para podermos conhecer e estar inseridos ao mundo Rotary. Parabens. 

#11   Submitted By R. Sundaresan on 5-Aug-2017 09:48 pm


#12   Submitted By Nambalirwa Patricia on 7-Aug-2017 03:15 am

Thanks its quite friendly.

#13   Submitted By Mário Henriques... on 7-Aug-2017 02:13 pm

Parabéns! Esta ferramenta permitirá melhor conhecer o nosso secular movimento.

#14   Submitted By yacine laaziz on 8-Aug-2017 05:54 am

hi everybody, have a nice day

#15   Submitted By Osei Agyemang -Badu on 8-Aug-2017 05:52 pm

Excited about RI's updated version of Rotary Club Central tools. 

Faster and simpler.


#16   Submitted By Merril Rylance on 9-Aug-2017 11:38 pm

the web site is getting worse and worse to use - it is a nightmae and not user friendly.  How about going back to simplicity

#17   Submitted By Rosemarie Lim on 11-Aug-2017 11:56 pm

thanks its friendly and most helpful.


#18   Submitted By Joseph Lukose on 11-Aug-2017 11:59 pm

very nice

#19   Submitted By Elia Taraborrelli on 20-Aug-2017 05:17 am

Trovo il nuovo Rotary club central molto più funzionale

#20   Submitted By Rosa Elena Albi... on 29-Aug-2017 07:31 am



#21   Submitted By Mominé Roger on 15-Oct-2017 01:30 pm

merci et mes amitiés

#22   Submitted By Michel Bertotti on 22-Jan-2018 10:01 am



#23   Submitted By vahid nazari on 4-Mar-2018 07:29 am

Thanks for this great post. music


#24   Submitted By Mary Ann Soria on 13-Mar-2018 09:33 pm

Kindly provide a space to post photos for the reported service projects we do each time. Thanks

#25   Submitted By vahid nazari on 11-May-2018 03:34 am

Thanks for this post.