Membership dues

The dues that your club pays to Rotary allow the Secretariat to provide quality and efficient support to Rotarians worldwide.

Maintaining data

Maintaining club data online can help you keep your membership information current and accurate. Your club president, secretary, and other officers can use or your local system to:

  • Update membership information within 30 days of any changes, or by 1 January or 1 July, whichever is sooner.
  • Make sure the names of all current officers are correct and that all future officers are named no later than 1 February. TIP: Set up a club email that can be transferred to future officers to ensure uninterrupted communications with Rotary.
  • Confirm that email addresses for all members are current.

If you cannot update your information online, your secretary should fill out the Membership Data Form and submit it to Data Services by fax at +1-847-733-9340 or email at

Club invoice mailing

All club invoices are due and payable upon receipt, and the amount due is not adjustable. Rotary International emails a copy of the invoice to every club officer in January and July. To ensure that emails from Rotary are not rejected or filtered as spam, add to your approved email contacts.

If your club has not opted out of the paper invoice or updated your officers email addresses, you will receive a paper copy by post in late January and late July. If your club has not received an invoice by the beginning of February or August, email to request a replacement. Include your club name and number and delivery address or fax number. Club dues still must be paid even if you have not received the invoice.

Want to go paperless? Opt your club out of the paper invoice in under Edit invoice preferences.

More about club invoice

Per capita dues

Rotary per capita dues per half year are as follows:

2017-2018: $30.00

2018-2019: $32.00

2019-2020: $34.00

All clubs are billed $1 per member on their July invoice to help defray the costs of the Council on Legislation. Some invoices may include variable charges for The Rotarian magazine (other Rotary regional magazine subscriptions are billed separately) and variable fees for insurance (U.S. clubs only). See the Manual of Procedure for more information.

Exchange rates

Rotary credits payments at the official Rotary exchange rate at the time payment is received. Rotary re-evaluates exchange rates monthly. See current exchange rates.

Payment methods

Club presidents, treasurers, and secretaries can pay dues by:

  • Credit card online
  • Check or draft accompanied by the detached bottom portion of the invoice
  • Wire transfer

If you have questions about the club invoice or where to send your payment, please contact your financial representative.

Outstanding club dues

As of 1 January 2015, clubs that have not paid their Rotary dues within four months of the date on the invoice will be terminated. Clubs will then have five months to fulfill the following reinstatement requirements:

  • Pay all outstanding financial obligations at the time of termination
  • Pay all membership dues that continue to accrue thereafter
  • Pay a $30 per member reinstatement fee
  • Complete and submit a reinstatement application and provide an updated membership list along with a list of current officers and their contact information

After 150 days from the termination date, clubs are permanently terminated and cannot be reinstated. The club loses its name, history, and charter.

For clubs that were terminated before the January 2015 invoice was issued, reinstatement is possible up to 365 days from the date on the invoice. Contact for questions about reinstatement.