Courageous Leadership

Wed, 27-Mar-2019 2:00 pm

Forty percent of club leaders say that “attracting new members” is the biggest challenge their clubs face. But is recruitment the issue? Or is it actually learning how to create healthy clubs that offer a vibrant membership experience, one that is irresistible to both members and visitors? Using stories of transformation from Rotary and in their professional careers, trainers Louisa Horne and Doug Logan outline one strategy for making necessary changes to the club experience while including members in the process.

Language: English

Membership Models for the Future of Rotary

Wed, 5-Dec-2018 6:00 pm (60 min)

Associate and corporate memberships, passport, satellite, and hybrid clubs: These are just some of the innovative, flexible models that clubs have designed recently. Our panelists will talk about the challenges, benefits, and lessons of designing a club experience that works for every member.

Join us if you believe your club could benefit from becoming more flexible and you:

• Want to host some meetings online but aren’t sure how
• Have heard about corporate memberships and want to learn more about how they could benefit your club — and community
• Are wondering how a satellite club might allow more prospective members to engage with and expand Rotary

Everyone who registers will receive access to the recording and slides.

Building New Clubs Together

Thu, 9-Aug-2018 3:00 pm (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Chartering new clubs allows you to attract a more diverse membership, explore new ways to incorporate flexibility, pursue new project possibilities, hear ideas from new leaders, and grow Rotary.

Join us for this webinar, Thursday 9 August, 15:00-16:00 Chicago time (UTC-5), if you:
• Believe that adding a new Rotary club in your community will broaden your capacity for service
• Think a satellite club may allow more prospective members to engage with Rotary
• Want tips on how to charter a Rotaract club, or encourage Rotaractors to start their own clubs

All registrants will receive a copy of the recording and slides.