Assistant governor

As assistant governor, you are the connection between your clubs and the district. The relationships you build with club leaders make Rotary stronger.

What you do

  • Visit your clubs regularly: Meet with each club at least once a quarter either in person, by phone, or by web conference. Listening to them enables you to discuss their concerns and needs, and provide information, resources, and advice that will allow them to be more successful.
  • Keep the governor up to date on each club’s progress and identify areas that may need attention
  • Help club leaders prepare for the governor’s official visit
  • Monitor the progress of your clubs toward their goals: After a club visit, report your assessment and feedback through . Use this online tool to make sure your clubs are on track with their goals and achievements in areas such as membership, service initiatives, and giving to The Rotary Foundation.

How to prepare

  • Help incoming club presidents assess their clubs and develop club goals
  • Attend the district team training seminar
  • Participate in the presidents-elect training seminar

Resources & reference


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