Global grants available for low-cost shelters and simple schools

Clubs and districts can now use global grants to build low-cost shelters and simple schools, under a recent policy change effective through 2019. The construction must be part of a comprehensive project related to an area of focus. (Projects that involve construction alone are still not eligible for global grants.)

Please note that these structures are limited. Low-cost shelters are intended to provide housing for the poor or homeless. Simple schools provide modest buildings in areas without nearby schools or where current ones are overcrowded. Simple schools can also replace schools that are structurally unsafe. As part of this program, clubs and districts can use global grants to build additional classrooms on school property as long as they are not attached to current structures.

To get started, see the low-cost shelters and simple schools guidelines and application appendixes.



#1   Submitted By Gor Ouma on 1-Jun-2017 10:33 am

This is great. Can someone help me apply for this simple school grant.

#2   Submitted By Joseph Owusu Yeboah on 14-Jun-2017 12:04 pm

This is great, can we Rotary Club Of Techiman get International partners to support us aply for the Simple Grant For School on our Hand Washing Projects for Four Hundred and sixty five (465) Basic Schools in our Communities.Please you may contact Past President Joseph Owusu Yeboah on

#3   Submitted By Ariel Jersey on 2-Jun-2017 11:13 pm

How about rehabiltations of delapilated schoool buildings and convert this to a fully fully-equipped Learning Center and Library?

#4   Submitted By Mohan Lal Mittal on 3-Jun-2017 03:22 am

Our club is adopted a govt girls senier secondary school no 4  purani abadi Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan from June 2015. In this school two classroom are very old and roof is just break down Similarly office . Totally repair estimate is 2.5 lac Our club is ready for expand upto fifty thousand.. Please help any other 



#5   Submitted By Abu Ameen on 5-Jun-2017 12:02 am

Dear Sir / Madam,

we are running an aged old  private school since past fifty years in the suburbs of hyderabad wherein there are many children and families who are living much below the povert line.

We have taken an pledge to provide a state of class education to all these students and also to impart technical educational to domestic house-wives into order to be self-employed rather than being home-makers.

We tried raising funds from variuos means including crowd funding, but so far did not receive any positive respones. Just heard about your organisation and services being rendered yourself.

Kindly check and revert is there any way in which you can help us in our this endeavour.


With Regards

Abu Ameen


#6   Submitted By Christina Chai on 5-Jun-2017 08:05 am

Good to know that global grants doing good to the needy.. thanks

#7   Submitted By Rashed Yousuf on 6-Jun-2017 12:35 pm

This is great,........can effective from July 2017 instead of 2019

#8   Submitted By Fidel Martinez ... on 8-Jun-2017 09:13 pm

excellent.....we have projects in this area.....Mexicali, Mexico. If someone can help to Rotary Club Mexicali Empresarial in the future, we can be partners. Thanks Rotary!!!!

#9   Submitted By José Antônio Cunha on 9-Jun-2017 04:59 pm

O RC Salvador-Pituba, Distrito 4550, tem interesse em elaborarar dois projetos nessa área de escola e moradias.

#10   Submitted By Jayanta Dey on 10-Jun-2017 10:44 pm

Hi! I am from Rotary Club of Thane DownTown, we have uplifted a Tribal school which imparts secondary education to 450 children. The club had rasied funds of about INR 40 Lakhs ( Approx USD 60,000/-) so far. To improve the condition and making it sustainable we need to spend another USD 60,000/-. Looking for a Partner to take it forward with the help of Global Grant. Please feel free to contact me and help the cause

#11   Submitted By Theresa Afam-Obi on 11-Jun-2017 01:08 pm

This is wonderful. Can the grant be given to a club that wants to build a low cost school for the teaching of skills to indigent youths and women in the rural areas?

#12   Submitted By Richard Anguzu Erima on 14-Jun-2017 04:13 am


i am Richard Anguzu Erima a Ugandan hailing from the struggling region of northern Uganda following the long insurgency in the region. This has led to poor state of social serices in the region and i feel great that this opportunity being offered by the Rotary club would go a long way in improing learning conditions for better learning for children hailing from this region. i await your further guidance on how to proceed with this process.


#13   Submitted By Sharada Sundaram on 14-Jun-2017 10:49 am

this is indeed good news. Being a teacher i do find that many govt schools in Chennai...India are in dire need of  good classrooms. I wonder if the Grant will cover that.

#14   Submitted By Julius Aguni on 16-Jun-2017 02:26 pm

Indeed, this is good news.

Can rehabiltations of delapilated schoool buildings and building of a fully fully-equipped Learning Center and Library qualify? The existing structures are unsafe for occupation now.

#15   Submitted By Cyril Brown on 18-Jun-2017 01:11 pm

This is so wonderful. My club, the Rotaract club of Accra- East (District 9102) is looking for a international Partner to support us apply for the Simple Grant For School.

This grant will help us to replace a structurally unsafe shelter that the nursery and kindergarten pupils use as a classroom. Currently, this shelter serves four communities in the sefwi Akontombra district with over 200 students.
Please feel free to contact us: / and help this cause.
Thank you.

#16   Submitted By Adelia Roadilla on 20-Jun-2017 09:22 pm

This is great, in the Philippines, we have a number of schools needing repair

#17   Submitted By Luis Barrueto Chunga on 21-Jun-2017 02:16 pm

Please we need to Build some Schools 
Por favor necesitamos construir algunas escuelas
S'il vous plaît nous devons construire des écoles
Bitte brauchen wir einige Schulen bauen
mail me at, Enrique Barrueto

#18   Submitted By Silvestre Vidau... on 21-Jun-2017 05:21 pm

Buenas noches, mi nombre Silvestre Vidaurre y soy socio Rotario del Club "Sucre" Distrito 4690 en Bolivia, tenemos varias solicitudes de municipios de Chuquisaca que nos solicitan podamos apoyar con temas de vivienda social y escuelas, estariamos interesados en saber como podemos acceder a estos fondos, mi correo electronico es, por favor estaremos esperando su respuesta




#19   Submitted By Fonahanmi Idris on 22-Jun-2017 07:22 am

An excellent concept/ideas. Rotary is good.

#20   Submitted By Olusola Benson on 26-Jun-2017 01:23 am

This is a good thing that is about to happen to Rotary doing good in the World,but why delay

ing the good deeds of today till morrow?

#21   Submitted By Brian Luwaga on 27-Jun-2017 12:39 am

This is great,we have many schools in Uganda that can benefit in these global grants.

#22   Submitted By Nirendra Sharma on 28-Jun-2017 10:17 am

This is so wonderful. My club, the Rotaract club of Aligarh Pearl (District 3110) is getting international  Grant For School(Saraswati Sishu mandir ).

This grant  help  the   nursery to Class 5th (Girls and boys) to use as a washroom and wash station. 

Thanks a milion to Rotary

#23   Submitted By Sharanagouda Hi... on 30-Jun-2017 09:52 am

This is great and good thing happen in coming days. 

#24   Submitted By R. Elavarasu on 3-Jul-2017 04:47 am

Greate job.... shelter very much useful for tribes in tamilnadu....

#25   Submitted By José Modesto Godinez on 3-Jul-2017 08:37 pm

Hola, soy rotario del Club Chetumal (Distrito 4195), en la frontera de  México con Centroamérica. Soy Macero del Club y participo en el comite de proyectos. Tenemos solicitudes de los pobladores de la zona rural para apoyarles con escuelas de nivel básico y el aceso al agua potable en uan zona con regimen pluviométrica de alta sequía. Saludos, pendiente en mi bandeja