Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator

For the 10th consecutive year, The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating — four stars — from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.

In the most recent ratings, the Foundation earned the maximum of 100 points for demonstrating both strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

In a letter to the Foundation, Charity Navigator notes that "only 1 percent of the charities we evaluate have received at least 10 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that The Rotary Foundation outperforms other charities in America. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets The Rotary Foundation apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness."

The rating reflects Charity Navigator's assessment of how the Foundation uses donations, sustains its programs and services, and practices good governance and openness.



#1   Submitted By Francis Xavier ... on 19-Jan-2018 12:16 am

Donations to the Rotary Foundation have had a far reaching impact towards transforming communities. Would encourage everyone to make a donation to the Rotary Foundation

#2   Submitted By M Khairul Alam on 19-Jan-2018 03:41 am

We feel proud that our Foundation The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating - four Stars for 10th consecutive years. 

#3   Submitted By Himansu Basu on 21-Jan-2018 12:00 pm

This recognition from Charity Navigator ,gives us a feeling of warmth for  our own charity . Our Foundation also deserves credit for Rotarians' hands on experience ,professional vocational support and advocacy in continuing to make a difference..

#4   Submitted By Anthony John-Ba... on 24-Jan-2018 09:32 pm

The Rotary Club of Central Port of Spain is elated and proud of The Rotary Foundation receiving the highest recognition - four stars from Charity Navigator for the 10th consecutive year for demonstrating strong financial health, commitment to accountability, transparency, trustworthiness and practices good governance.

#5   Submitted By Frank Scott on 29-Jan-2018 09:18 am

I am constantly impressed with all the good that the Rotary Foundation does in the world.  I would recommend the Every Rotarian Every Year method and give at least $100 annually to the Rotary Foundation.  More is always good, too. 

#6   Submitted By Sivanarayana Pandi on 5-Feb-2018 08:28 am

For any Social Service Organisation awarded 4 rating by getting 100 point from Charity Navigators.As a  Rotarian I am proud of my Organisation. All Rotarians should maintain the same in future.

#7   Submitted By Adewale Ogunbadejo on 5-Feb-2018 06:01 pm

I feel proud and extremely grateful to all the Rotarians and our friends who believe in us as Rotarians and donate towards our causes. The Gates'Foundation, in particular, for supporting our Polio eradication so solidly and dedicatedly. Finally, The Trustees who have continuously improved the transparency in financial governace and the sustainability of our projects and fund.

#8   Submitted By P. Chockalingam on 6-Feb-2018 11:03 pm

Really great work by our TRF and I am indeed happy to be a part of it.As president of 75 year old club, i will motivate our members to know more about TRF and to contribute more to TRF for service to the community.




#9   Submitted By Joel Okandeji on 10-Feb-2018 01:24 am

This four star rating for the tenth consecutive year by Charity Navigator is a very good and encouraging news for TRF. It will spur us to donate more to the Foundation. I'm proud to be a Rotarian and major donor to the Rotary Foundation.

#10   Submitted By Roshanara Begum on 15-Feb-2018 12:34 am

extremely happy  and encourared to get the news of four star rating.i will pursue the members of one of the largest club of District 3262 to contribte more to the Rotary Foundation. Rtn.Dr Roshanara Begum.President Rotary Club of Bhubaneswer

#11   Submitted By Teresito Balatbat on 23-Feb-2018 01:56 am

     It makes me proud as a rotarian that our Foundation Leaders are doing an excellent job in managing our donations. As a president of my club, i will encourage my members to give more to create a bigger impact in our global community.



#12   Submitted By Urs Klemm on 26-Feb-2018 05:34 pm

Congratulation! I am glad in view of my future engagement for the foundation to have so convincing arguments!

#13   Submitted By Moacyr Peixoto on 30-Mar-2018 09:02 am

Parabenizo nossa Fundação pelo magnífico desempenho e austeridade. Sem dúvida alguma, esta avaliação dignífica nossa Organização e nos deixa orgulhosos de sermos Rotarianos.

#14   Submitted By Antonio Custódio on 5-Apr-2018 11:07 am

Congratulation RF. I'm proud to be rotarian.

#15   Submitted By Claudio Melo on 18-Apr-2018 06:33 pm

Parabéns a Fundação Rotaria e seus Administradores.

#16   Submitted By Nilton Diniz on 25-Apr-2018 11:00 am

What an important achievement! This really proves that Rotary makes a difference around the world. And it is inspiration for all Rotarians to do good. Congratulations !!!

#17   Submitted By Kalitza Pagan on 14-Jun-2018 12:22 am

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