Five years since its debut, Rotary Club Central is getting a big upgrade

When we introduced in 2012, it revolutionized goal tracking and planning for clubs and districts — no more filling out paper club-planning forms or passing along boxes of historical club information every time a new leader took office.

Rotary Club Central offered clubs and districts a quantifiable way to begin measuring local and global impact, specifically membership initiatives, service activities, and Rotary Foundation giving.

But as with any technological advancement, in a few short years, Rotary Club Central began to show its age, and Rotarians took notice. They wanted a tool that was more robust, faster to use, and easier to navigate. It was time for an upgrade.

In July, we’ll unveil a new and improved Rotary Club Central. We’ve completely redesigned it with a fresh, modern interface. Pages load faster, navigation is more intuitive, and easy-to-read charts and graphs make past and current club data more accessible.

Members and club leaders can view trends, plan for the future, and track progress in just minutes. Plus, Rotary Club Central offers an individual user experience, allowing club leaders to plan and evaluate what is important to their own clubs, like membership activities or Rotary Citation goals. You can even enter your Rotary Foundation giving goals in local currency.

Rotary Club Central is also a great tool for succession planning. Club leaders change annually, so the historical record of goals and achievements eases the transition and ensures continuity. It’s just one way to boost trust between members and club leaders, because everyone has access to the same data and is working together to achieve the same goals.

The Rotary Club Central upgrade will happen seamlessly, which means you don’t have to do anything. All data already in the platform will automatically migrate into the new system. Additional updates about the new Rotary Club Central will be posted on My Rotary in the near future.



#1   Submitted By Ashish Makhija on 5-Apr-2017 11:18 pm

If the changes can be known now with some demo videos, it would be good for the new teams taking over on 1st July. Else they would be struggling in the first week of assuming office.


#2   Submitted By Vera Lucia Amar... on 6-Apr-2017 04:39 pm

Fico muito feliz por estarem sempre atualizando essa ferramenta super eficaz. Parabéns!

#3   Submitted By Janey Ball on 7-Apr-2017 10:02 am

Great news. Thanks very much. Is there a chance of perhaps getting screenshots of the new look and feel, so that we can use these in upcoming District Conference, -training and related slide presentations?

#4   Submitted By Winston Sia on 7-Apr-2017 02:22 pm

With the new look and interface and redesign of the Rotary Club Central, we also hope all the "how t guides" related to the use of the Rotar Club Central and other online tools can  be updated as well, so as to not create any confusion for Rotarians who will be accessing these "how to guides".. We also would like to see presentation slides we can use in training our Rotarians in the district level, with the fresh look already incorporated.

#5   Submitted By Juan Medel Salazar on 7-Apr-2017 02:48 pm


#6   Submitted By Roberto Reksas on 8-Apr-2017 02:53 pm

Realmente muy buena!!! en estas epocas donde los tiempos de hoy, ya fueron ayer y el mañana, despues de escribir estas lineas ya fue , es de vital importancia tomar conciencia de la valia y de su uso!!! RC 4905 Argenina

#7   Submitted By Maria Matos on 10-Apr-2017 08:50 am

Parabéns! A mudança possibilitará um site mais intuitivo e amigável para os usuários.

#8   Submitted By José Antônio Cunha on 10-Apr-2017 02:24 pm

Muita expectativa de parte para conhecer essas novas mudanças que serão incorporadas a essa ferramenta excelente de planejamento e acompanhamento das metas dos clubes e um instrumento de gestão impressindível para todos: rotarianos, presidentes de clubes, governadores assistentes, coordenadores, governadores, diretores, emfim todos que fazem Rotary diariamente.

#9   Submitted By Gabriella Virna on 11-Apr-2017 11:25 pm

Support wholeheartly with this new Rotary Central interface. As more and more Rotarians getting well connected and finally put a good use to the site. Lots of improvement still need to be made, hope that the webmaster keep paying attention to all the feedbacks that came and find more innovation for this tools to become more and more user friendly merge smoothly with other big social medias and faster access.

#10   Submitted By Johanna Pawley on 12-Apr-2017 01:34 pm

Agree with the above comments. If we can know in advance what the upgrades will be it helps with delivering training and the questions that will be asked after the 1st July. As much notice as possible would be appreciated. Could you also look at whether DGN will have access rights? 


#11   Submitted By Jongeun Lee on 12-Apr-2017 08:49 pm

I'm looking forward to update.

#12   Submitted By Richard Joy on 13-Apr-2017 02:35 am

Good to hear that changes to Rotary Club Central will be ready for 1st July. However, we will be  holding a workshop on Rotary Club Central at our District Assembly on 22nd April and it would be useful to have some idea of the changes so that users can be made aware of these. A follow up communication with a few bullet points covering the changes would be really helpful.

#13   Submitted By Paulo Roberto Balla on 17-Apr-2017 09:12 am

Fico muito feliz em saber que esta ferramenta será atualizada para melhorar ainda mais parabéns sucesso.

#14   Submitted By Joseph Nouh-Chaia on 17-Apr-2017 03:24 pm

Great news for the upgrades, but as the use in district 7030 is still low, and we are training many users for the coming year to increase participation, we also as trainers would like to have some manual or information to prepare the users for a different interface.

#15   Submitted By Carlos Robles T... on 18-Apr-2017 10:09 pm

Gracias, estaré esperando el mes de Julio. Recomiendo capacitación previa a los presidentes entrantes.

#16   Submitted By Wichard Von Harrach on 20-Apr-2017 07:56 am

I really the mobile version!

#17   Submitted By Edgard Cyr K. T... on 20-Apr-2017 12:25 pm


Comme beaucoup de précédents commentaires, bientôt le 1er Juillet, il aurait été judicieux d'avoir une version beta pour s'y habituer, surtout pour les personnes ressources comme les Adjoints du Gouverneur. Nous avons passé beaucoup de temps pour former les membres des clubs à la version actuelle, si le changement est brusque, nous risquons d'être submergés de demandes d'aides.


#18   Submitted By Rezaul Karim on 21-Apr-2017 12:49 pm

I found the Rotary Club Central very useful and interesting for maintaining our club and personal profile handy. RI has done an excellent job to move to paperless communication and for connectivity of the Rotarians all over the world. We had a Rotary Club Central workshop on 15 April 2017 conducted by a very able Rotarian. He made it easy for us and we learned a lot to work on it independently. 


#19   Submitted By Giovanni Cera on 23-Apr-2017 02:30 pm

Rotary International should take care of those, like me, who still use Mac OSX 10.8. Since the last upgrade I can no longer use Rotary Club Center. That's a shame!

#20   Submitted By Torbjørg Hogsnes on 25-Apr-2017 11:16 am

To set goals for 2017-2018 should we use the old version av RCC or should we wait for the new version

#21   Submitted By Judith Bush on 27-Apr-2017 02:43 pm

Will there be or is there now a "how to do" instruction document for setting club goals in Rotary Club Central?  I can find some by Googling but they are not for this year.

#22   Submitted By Gerald Nelson on 1-May-2017 07:39 pm

I'm looking forward to the upgrade.  However, I want to add my request for HOW TO information before the 1st of July.  Those of us who will be assuming new roles for Rotary Year 2017-2018 will have our hands full.  Seems reasonable to ask for some learning aids before the fact. 

#23   Submitted By Claudia Ibaldi on 1-May-2017 08:59 pm

Celebro la información y la posibilidad de seguir aprendiendo desde la web.


#24   Submitted By Brooks Redditt on 4-May-2017 03:08 am
#25   Submitted By Gina McBryan on 4-May-2017 09:41 am

I'm looking forward to the upgrade. Assuming, maybe, information will be shared at our District Conference taking place May 15 - 19. I think it is important to at least have the incoming President and Secretary have a preview of the redesign before they take office.