Shopify Online Stores for Good

Created: 27-Jan-2020


This is a group for building online stores to generate income for philanthropy, charity projects and your privatly owned projects.

See our Childhope collection here

Many products will promote motivation, love, financial literacy and life knowledge. 

The store is also linked from our extensive video collection of hundreds of motivational and financially educational videos from YouTube. Here is a page that combines these videos with videos about Rotary International: We hope to make that as mobile friendly as the Good Shop in the future and also add a selection of those videos on the store.

Here are 5 ways to team up:

Message me here or on the store and let's see what products we can make that can generate income for your own club, charity, philanthropy project, personal project or business.

At the moment I have my small store launched, Good Shop, and I have a larger store opening in 2020 with around 200 products so far. 

These stores will collaborate with artists, designers and non-profit organizations that align with our values and ideals.

Our collaborators get their own products in the our store and their own affiliate links and discount codes to market their products through social media, PR, music, word-of-mouth, events or any other marketing strategies they wish. 

When collaborator's products sell, they get a royalty and one part go to philanthropy and when their discount codes are used to buy anything at all on the store, they get an extra commission from that.

So in other words this concept empowers anyone in the world to sell products online without taking the financial risk of setting up a store or going through the administrative hassle with payment gateways, while they also join the team of everyone else that markets this store.

Everyone helps to get the store "out there" which everyone who has products in the store benefits from. 

I also offer the service of creating online stores for people and organizations. Once people see that ther products sell in our store, they can get start budget and confidence that starting their own store is a good idea.

A percentage of the store profits will also go to different philanthropy projects and charity projects.

Areas of Focus - Growing Local Economies, Areas of Focus - Promoting Peace, Avenues of Service - International Service, Avenues of Service - New Generations, Fellowships, Fundraising, Partnerships, Projects, Rotary Business, Technology and Social Media, Training, Youth
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