Created: 2-Feb-2016


The aim of this group is to find people of equal interest to establish and maintain a Fellowship of Gardening.

We wish the people with gardening interest to join this group to confirm their interests and to participate in the discussions that arise.  We encourage the group to share gardening tips, exchange plants and ideas, recommend good flower shows, post tips about offers and anything that can be useful to a gardener. 

We hope this group will spread over national borders and that we can have a fruitful exchange amongst us.  One potential project for this fellowship could be to plant trees in Africa to prevent the spread of the desert, or some other project that this group decides on. 

As this is an international site and we so far have members from many different countries, please tell us which country you live in in your entries so that we can more easily pinpoint which type of climate you are growing in and which season it is at the moment.

In order to help inspire each other by exchanging garden pictures, we are also now available on Facebook.  Feel free to join this group and to invite other Rotarians.

Happy gardening!

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