Convention blog helps Rotary members keep pace, connect

As new friendships and collaborations form at Rotary's International Convention each year, we're reminded of the unwavering commitment Rotary members have to service. With these guiding principles in mind, we created the Convention Insider blog to facilitate and to strengthen your connections. Every Rotarian has a unique story to tell, and by telling those stories, we are fostering new dialogues that we hope result in innovative partnerships.

In addition to storytelling, the Convention Insider will serve as a hub for Rotarians to learn about the events, the booths, and the conversations taking place that they might otherwise miss. The convention is a big place, navigating it isn't easy. We'll help attendees keep pace before, during, and after the event in Sydney. For example, in our first post, we preview two speakers who recently accepted invitations to speak at the plenaries.

The blog will also host pictures and videos of the convention attendees, speakers, and events. If you capture a special moment or want to highlight someone or something, please reach out to our Convention Insider staff.

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