Committee members named to nominate 2019-20 Rotary president

The following Rotarians will serve on the 2017-18 Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International in 2019-20. The committee is scheduled to meet on 7 August.

Zone 1
Masahiro Kuroda, Rotary Club of Hachinohe South, Aomori, Japan

Zone 3
Yoshimasa Watanabe, Rotary Club of Kojima, Okayama, Japan

Zone 5
P. T. Prabhakar, Rotary Club of Madras Central, Tamil Nadu, India

Zone 7
M.K. Panduranga Setty, Rotary Club of Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Zone 9
Jackson S.L. Hsieh, Rotary Club of Taipei Sunrise, Taiwan

Zone 11
Sangkoo Yun, Rotary Club of Sae Hanyang, Seoul, Korea

Zone 13
Norbert Turco, Rotary Club of Ajaccio, Corse, France

Zone 15
Holger Knaack, Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany

Zone 17
Ann-Britt Åsebol, Rotary Club of Falun-Kopparvågen, Sweden

Zone 19
James Anthony Black, Rotary Club of Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland

Zone 21
Örsçelik Balkan, Rotary Club of Istanbul-Karaköy, Turkey

Zone 23
Antonio Hallage, Rotary Club of Curitiba-Leste, Paraná, Brazil

Zone 25
Andy Smallwood, Rotary Club of Gulfway-Hobby Airport (Houston), Texas, USA

Zone 27
John T. Blount, Rotary Club of Sebastopol, California, USA

Zone 29
Frank N. Goldberg, Rotary Club of Omaha-Suburban, Nebraska, USA

Zone 31
Larry A. Lunsford, Rotary Club of Kansas City-Plaza, Missouri, USA

Zone 33
Anne L. Matthews, Rotary Club of Columbia East, South Carolina, USA

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#1   Submitted By Peter Moralée on 18-Jul-2017 09:55 am

Just to say that Sweden is not in Zone 17 so Ann-Britt Asebol cannot be in Zone 17. also Zone 19 does not include Scotland thus James Anthony Black cannot be in Zone 19!


Peter M. 

#2   Submitted By Celso Cruz on 18-Jul-2017 09:09 pm


When will we know the replacement of our beloved sam owori?



#3   Submitted By Carol Tichelman on 19-Jul-2017 12:50 pm

With respect to Comment #1 by Peter - the members listed are in the correct Zones given the new Zone structure as of July 1, 2017,

#4   Submitted By Juan de la Torr... on 20-Jul-2017 05:21 pm

Cuando, le toca elegir un DIRECTOR a la Zona 22 ¨B¨ ???

PDG Juan de la Torre D-4455

#5   Submitted By Juan de la Torr... on 20-Jul-2017 05:29 pm

El comité de propuestas, para elegir PRI 2020-2021, se conformará con miembros de zonas PARES ????

PDG Juan de la Torre D-4455

#6   Submitted By Suleyman Girit on 22-Jul-2017 03:08 pm

Congratulation to TRFT Orscelik Balkan named as member of  Nominating Committee for President of RI in 2019-20

#7   Submitted By Richard Graves on 22-Jul-2017 07:31 pm

Congratulations to the Committee!  Will this committee, or will the committee that selected our taken way to early Sam Owori be reconstituted to select his replacement?

Thank you!

Rich Graves  DG7630

#8   Submitted By Jayne Ngugi on 26-Jul-2017 05:37 am

Congratulations to the team.

#9   Submitted By Ellen Salac on 26-Jul-2017 09:24 am

Congratulations to the members of the nominating committee and good luck to the one to be chosen to serve as RI President RY 2019-2020.

Ellen Salac, Rotary Club of Teresa D3800 Philippines

#10   Submitted By Florentino Cardoso on 26-Jul-2017 01:07 pm

O malogrado Sam Owori era do Uganda. Algum motivo para não haver nenhum africano nessa lista? Só vejo senão um falante de português (Brasil). Quais os critérios?


Saudações Rotárias, Presidente RC PRAIA, 2017_18



#11   Submitted By Biplab Barua on 28-Jul-2017 05:05 am



#12   Submitted By Rosemary Nakawuka on 30-Jul-2017 11:21 am

Congratulations Team.

#13   Submitted By Cyndi Willey on 30-Jul-2017 12:30 pm

Perhaps now is the time to make the position of RI President a two year term!?

#14   Submitted By Bettie Muliisa on 31-Jul-2017 07:41 am

We eagerly await the replacement of our beloved fallen Sam Owori

#15   Submitted By Sarah Simmonds on 31-Jul-2017 10:47 pm

How many Rotarians of color are on the RI Presidential path?  I am surprised that we do not have a member of the Nominating Committee who is from the continent of Africa!

#16   Submitted By Deba Mukherjee on 1-Aug-2017 06:42 am

Congratulations to the Team.

#17   Submitted By Emmanuel Ozobialu on 1-Aug-2017 06:14 pm

I wish the committee a successful nomination. It would have been right for an African to be on the list. 

#18   Submitted By Kemebradikumo N... on 2-Aug-2017 07:16 am

Am not happy for not having somebody representing Africa in the nominating committee for the RI president in 2017/18

#19   Submitted By Kenan Kern on 4-Aug-2017 11:38 pm

Best wishes for a successful nomination by this splendid group of Rotarians.

#20   Submitted By Emmanuel Nnagbo on 7-Aug-2017 11:28 am
Congratulations to the action team but pls let's African get replacement of our own dear late sam Owori thanks
#21   Submitted By John Paulsen on 7-Aug-2017 02:35 pm

Congratulations to the members of the nominating committee

#22   Submitted By Jeang Sang Jang on 9-Aug-2017 05:04 am

Congratulations on your new president's birth.