Centennial celebration honors 20 noteworthy global grant projects

Through The Rotary Foundation, Rotary members have supported thousands of projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies. We’ve also led the fight to eradicate polio worldwide. As part of our celebration of the Foundation’s centennial, we’re honoring 20 global grant projects with special recognition. Learn more about the projects using our interactive map.



#1   Submitted By U B Shanker on 31-Jan-2017 06:59 am

Rotary Club of Bangalore North West partnered with Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Club has carried out 2 Global Grant Projects for Dr. M C Modi Charitable Eye Hospital in Bangalore by providing some of the latest equipment used in eye care. With the help of these equipment, the hospital is able to provide free cataract surgeries to poor patients from villages. The patients are brought from villages, accommodated for 3 days including their food, necessary tests done, cataract surgeries carried out & on the 3rd day they are taken back to their villages after providing them with spectacles, medicines, etc. all free of cost. Annually over 6,000 poor patients are given free treatment.

This is great humanitarian project and it gives both the hospital and Rotarians of North West  a lot of satisfaction. Our members attend some of the camps conducted by the hospital and also be with the hospital staff during patient's stay at the hospital.

We are now planning to send a proposal for a third Global Grant project for providing additional state-of-the-art equipment to make Dr. Modi Hospital one of the best in this region. The hospital has already received 2 prestigious awards from National capital, New Delhi.

We in Rotary Club of Bangalore North West feel really proud to have associated with Dr. M C Modi Charitable Eye Hospital, who is rendering free eye care to so many poor patients from rural ares of the state of Karnataka.

#2   Submitted By Prithvi Raval on 4-Feb-2017 05:56 am

Excellet project ! Keep up the good work.

#3   Submitted By Desai Jayesh on 5-Feb-2017 07:02 am

wow. Great . Keep it up .

#4   Submitted By Aloysius Purwa on 5-Feb-2017 02:46 pm

Restoring so many people's sight every year is a superb job. I am sure many clubs are eager to do the same. Well done


#5   Submitted By Douglas Newell on 14-Feb-2017 07:45 pm

let me sign out so another family member can sign in!!!

#6   Submitted By Orawan Pornsaku... on 14-Feb-2017 09:56 pm

Great project . 

#7   Submitted By Maria Matos on 16-Feb-2017 07:51 am

These projects will definitely change the lives of the people in these places.

#8   Submitted By Arun Pal on 16-Feb-2017 03:00 pm


#9   Submitted By Manuel Correia on 20-Feb-2017 09:24 am

Sao estes projetos que fazem mudar para melhor a dignidade humana. Bem haja rotary


#10   Submitted By Carlos Buritica N. on 21-Feb-2017 03:44 pm

Excelente idea para aprender sobre ellos.


#11   Submitted By Massimo Lupetti on 23-Feb-2017 03:32 am

Congratulation , great project  !! Good work

#12   Submitted By Mallidi Veerabh... on 23-Feb-2017 11:50 pm

Great Projects. Good work by fellow Rotarians.

#13   Submitted By Abraham Ohiomio... on 28-Feb-2017 02:25 pm

Wondeful. Keep the flag flying

#14   Submitted By Tarun Sanghvi on 9-Mar-2017 07:08 am

GG1642573 MISSION FOR VISION- Disease prevention and treatment

Rotary Club of Lagos Palmgrove Estate, District 9110, in partnership with Rotary Club of Bangalore Sadashivnagar ( Dist 3190) and Rotary Club of Raipur( Dist 3261) , held its 8th camp for Mission for Vision - Free Cataract Surgeries for the under privileged patients of Lagos and its environs.The camp was also supported by six clubs from District 9110, mainly in recruiting the beneficiaries and in logistics.

An estimated 1.2 mln people suffer from Cataract in Nigeria and the cost of the surgery is prohibitvely expensive for the common man. At ourcamp, a total of over 5,000 patients were screened over a period of 8 weeks by qualified doctors and paramedics.From these 5,000 screened patients, evenutally, 1410 patients were qualified for the surgery. The surgeries took place from 7th september to 24th september 2016. Lagos State Government, thru Ministry of Health coopertated in this camp by offering its hospital to conduct the surgeries. The beneficiary age group ranged from 2 year old to 80 year old.

Almost all the Rotarians from Rotary Club of Lagos Palmgrove estate and a few other rotarians from the other six clubs of the district were actively involved in this project, at times , being at the hospital from 6.00 am to 9.30 pm.  As the project was of such hugh proportion, over 200 rotarians, rotractors, Interactors and other volunteers offered their time and skills to ensure a very successful implementation of the project.

This project has enhanced the image of rotary in the host community to  a great extent as all section of the society were involved in this humanitarian project. The government, its parastatals, a few NGO's Rotarians, rotractors, Interactors, Local medical staff, media etc. Such a project changes the life of not only the patients but also of their families.  The camp and rotary by extension, is nw so popular, that we get enquiries throughout the year, asking when if the next ROTARY EYE CAMP.

The successful implementation of this project has now motivated RCLPGE to set up its own Eye Hospital in Lagos. The physical structure isalmost 75% complete and we shall be applying for the Global Grant for the equipments by next month and shall be looking for International partners to partner with us for this Global Grant.

This Hospital, the foundation of which was laid by Past RI President Rtn. Kalyan Banerjee will be first of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa. 

#15   Submitted By Harish Kumar on 10-Mar-2017 12:31 am


Rotary is a never ending journey for the betterment of mankind.!!

#16   Submitted By Joselito Mendoza on 12-Mar-2017 05:01 pm

Indeed this is rotary serving humanity! Cheers and congratulations

#17   Submitted By Amor Tomakin on 13-Mar-2017 03:56 am

 Congratulation for making a difference in the life of the people that your club served.  Cheers!


#18   Submitted By Augusto Scorza on 18-Mar-2017 04:10 pm

Great Work! Lets keep doing the good in the world!

#19   Submitted By NARASINHA JOSHI on 21-Mar-2017 03:23 am

GG1531040-Disease prevention and treatment

Rotary E Club Belgaum District 3170, with partners from Rotary District 9550,6960 and 9930 conducting Polio Corrective Surgery for 50 cases. It is extremly a satisfying project for our e-club in its 3rd year of existance we are carrying this project.  Our local organisation Lake View Hospital is supporting in this project and Rtn.Dr Anil Patil carrying the operations.  As you know all polio is eradicated from India with help and support from TRF.  Now TRF is helping through GG to polio victims by corrective surgery.  We are  thankful to our partners Rtn.Sussane Rtn Sandra Rtn Greg and Rtn Raewy Kirkman for support 

Cases we have operated are from age group from 10 years to 29 years, and low income group. The time involvement in this minimium 3 months to 9 months with proper physiotherphy and other treatement. 

Our project new was published in US magazine and UK e-magazine plus local news media like paper, cable, radio etc.,  We got support from local NGO which is taking care of Handicap Association.  Local communities are appreciating our project and supporting with fruits and visiting the hospital for wishing polio operated cases.

Overall image of our e club and members henced and all our members proud of this project.  Rotractors are also invovlement in this project.  We are thankful to them.

This idea of doing this project is came from wgm (worldes greatest meal),

Thank you TRF 



#20   Submitted By Suresh A on 31-Mar-2017 02:31 am

great work by Rotary Bangalkore Sadashivanagar

#21   Submitted By Ercilia Santos on 10-Apr-2017 08:41 pm


#22   Submitted By Ravikumar Mysore on 16-Apr-2017 01:38 am

Rotary Bangalore Koramangala in association with Bangalore E Club, RM Vilas, Vijayanagar of D3190 with the support of Rotary Senhora-da-Hora, Esposende, Parades, Maia (all part of D 1970), Rotary Ferney-Voltaire (D 1710), Rotary Guildford (D1145) has initiated under Avoidable Blindness Program a major Global Grant Project (# 16-39012) during the Centennial year of TRF to establish 4 Vision Screening Kiosks in rural areas of D 3190 to screen 25,000 poor rural adults and 20,000 poor school children (mainly from Govt. schools) and treat 3000 adults and 1000 children for their eye-related problems 'free-of-cost'. The implementation of the project was initiated during January 2017 and the project is likely to be completed by June 2018.

#23   Submitted By Guillermo Lozan... on 24-Apr-2017 08:51 am

Me siento muy orgulloso de mi Club Rotario Cartagena de Indias Distrito 4271,ya que su proyecto es uno de los 20 que recibira este honor.Un trabajo realizado para una de las comunidades mas vulnerables cerca a Cartagena.Otro motivo de orgullo para celebrar ademas de nuestro 10 aniversario de fundado el Club. Guillermo Lozano-Sharah -Socio Activo.

#24   Submitted By Stephnie Rodrigo on 24-Apr-2017 12:14 pm


People with disabilities have abilities too and that is what this course is all about - making sure those abilities blossom and shine so that all the dreams you have can come true. - Mary McAleese

Dreams become a Reality: Our success story in the Rotary Foundation's 100th Anniversary! Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Capital City, District 3220, Sri Lanka and Maldives worked day and night to accomplish this Global Grant Project worth USD 145,000/- to provide a State of the Art fully equipped Mobile Audio-Visual, Medical Screening and Prosthetic Limb Manufacture & Repair Facility to the Colombo Friend-In-Need Society (CFINS).

The donation of the Mobile Medical Bus was carried out in the presence of His Excellency Mr. ArindamBagchi, Deputy High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka, Guest of Honor, IPRIP K R Ravindran, District Governor, SenakeAmerasinghe, IPDG Rtn. George Jesudasan, Rotarians from Mumbai representing R C Bombay Airport, the lead club, and other participating Clubs of RI D-3141, R C Bombay Kandivli, R C Bombay East, R C Bombay West, R C Borivli, R C Bombay Bandra, the host Club, R C Capital City of RI D-3220. Rotarians of Capital City and Rotary Clubs from Mumbai achieved a significant milestone in our service to humanity through this unique project, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka!

Journey of the Mobile Audio-Visual, Medical Screening and Prosthetic Limb Manufacture & Repair Facility Bus: This bus will reach the length and breadth of Sri Lanka meeting the needs of people. We will conduct mobile medical camps on Audio-Visual, Medical Screening and Prosthetic Limb Manufacture & Repair. Initially the test on BMI, Blood Pressure, Diabetic screening, review and advice is given by a Doctor to the patient of the results carried out. The Vision and Audio tests are conducted inside the Medical Bus. Those needing prosthetic limbs are registered and measurements are taken to manufacture the prosthesis.

Our maiden Mobile Medical Camp was held from 25th - 27th February 2017 in Oddusuddan, District of Mullaitive. We had the opportunity to serve more than 500 people. The most touching moment was when they mentioned they were receiving reading glasses for the first time in their life! In a historic event the Lions Club of Ratnapura (City of Gems) and the Rotarians of Capital City conducted a joint Medical Camp. The wonder in the eyes of a mother seeing her daughter's prosthesis being tailor made and to see her walking is the most amazing gift given through the Rotary Foundation to humanity. The Mobile Medical Bus travelled to Kilinochchi, Northern Province, to bring sun-shine to the lives of those affected by the 30 year civil war. Any organization can obtain the said Mobile Unit to carry out a community service project, in any location of their choice. As long as the said Mobile Unit is on the move, North to South, East to West of Sri Lanka, it will benefit Our People. A warm welcome is extended to overseas Rotarians to partner with us to carry out mobile camps.

A unique cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, the College of Ophthalmologists and Regional Director of Health Services in each location has enabled the patients to be referred to the Government hospital for further attention. The volunteers from the 4th year batch of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo assisted us in all the camps. A Rotaract Club will be formed with the volunteers of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo.

Mobile Prosthetic Limb Camps held island-wide: RC Capital City has assisted the CFINS in the Mobile Prosthetics Limbs Camps island-wide. Many of the recipients have been able to lead their normal lives, which has a tremendous positive impact on the family members. Some of the members who received the Jaipur Foot Limbs were the main bread winners of the family and some were young children and students.

Appreciation: Our deepest gratitude to the Rotary Foundation for bringing in joy and fulfillment for the less privileged brothers and sisters of the world promoting peace and goodwill among peoples and communities.

We take this opportunity to thank the RC of Bombay Airport, lead club, and other participating Clubs of RI D- 3141, R C Bombay Kandivli, R C Bombay East, R C Bombay West, R C Borivli, R C Bombay Bandra for helping us to make our dream a reality by their valuable contribution. Lastly but not the least we take this opportunity to thank our members of the Rotary Club City, RI D-3220 for the commitment and dedication to this great project which has made a difference to our people.

May Rotary continue to be of Service Above Self.

#25   Submitted By Rajiv Sharma on 25-Apr-2017 01:06 am