2019-21 Directors-nominee announced

On 4 December, RI President Ian H.S. Riseley declared the following candidates for the 2019-21 Board of Directors. The announcement came one day after the due date for receiving proposals for additional candidates, in accordance with the Rotary International Bylaws.

The directors-nominee, who will be elected at the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto, are:

Zone: 13A

Director-nominee: Jan Lucas Ket

Rotary club: Purmerend, Netherlands

Zone: 22A

Director-nominee: Mário Cesar de Camargo

Rotary club: Santo André, S.P., Brazil

Zone: 26

Director-nominee: Johrita Solari

Rotary club: Anaheim, California, USA

Zone: 29

Director-nominee: Stephanie A. Urchick

Rotary club: Canonsburg Houston Southpointe, Pennsylvania, USA

Zone: 30

Director-nominee: Floyd A. Lancia

Rotary club: Anthony Wayne (Fort Wayne), Indiana, USA

The general secretary received challenges to the nominating committee’s selections in Zones 4 and 6A (both in India) and 10A (Korea). An electronic ballot is being prepared for clubs in these zones to select their candidate. The ballot will be ready by 22 December and will run, per RI Bylaws, until 1 March.

The name of the director-nominee from RIBI will be announced at a later date.



#1   Submitted By Robert Martin on 9-Dec-2017 01:54 pm

Looks lilke a great slate to me.

#2   Submitted By John Capps on 9-Dec-2017 04:57 pm

Congratulations to each nominee.  Your record of service merits your recognition.  Blessings.

#3   Submitted By Carey Crooks on 10-Dec-2017 10:00 am

Congratulations to all nominees. Undoubtedly, your record of service will not only befit the recognition but more importantly, your performance during your tenure will validate our reposed confidence in you. Further, that you will scale higher heights of success and make us justly proud and indeed, Rotary.

#4   Submitted By Jagmohan Katakia on 10-Dec-2017 11:17 am

Congratulations to all 19-21 Director  Nominees! Looking to your exemplary dedication,devotion,commitment and leadership qualities, you fully deserve this honour and I am sure, you will scale newer heights of success during your tenure!

#5   Submitted By Muhammad Mushtaq on 10-Dec-2017 10:08 pm

Congratulations to all nominees 

#6   Submitted By Meena Nalwar on 11-Dec-2017 06:32 am

Congratulations to each nominee. Your record of service merits your recognition. Blessings.

#7   Submitted By Pich YAN on 11-Dec-2017 10:19 am

Congratulations to all nominees with Blessing!

#8   Submitted By Alana Bergh on 11-Dec-2017 04:30 pm

Two very smart and committed women joining the ranks.  Good for Rotary.


#9   Submitted By Osuoha Tochukwu on 12-Dec-2017 05:58 am

congratulations toall the nominees, reward of hard work is more work.

#10   Submitted By Cesare Andrisano on 12-Dec-2017 09:07 pm

Congratulation to all

be prepared !

ciao from italy


ps more attention about ict, web and web reputation, social media etc

#11   Submitted By Deograsias Wegina on 14-Dec-2017 08:18 am

Congratulations to all nominees

#12   Submitted By Biliamin Sanni on 14-Dec-2017 08:53 am

Congratulation to all the nominees.....

I wish success ahead in service to Humanity

#13   Submitted By Naresh Shah on 14-Dec-2017 11:20 pm



#14   Submitted By Prof. Charles O... on 15-Dec-2017 05:30 am

Congratulations to all the Nominees. I wish you all success during your years of service

#15   Submitted By Stephen Olubo on 15-Dec-2017 06:52 am

Congratulations to all the Nominees. I wish you all success during your years of service.Your dedication,devotion,commitment and leadership qualitiesmakes you all fully deserve this honour.

#16   Submitted By Luigi Cancellaro on 15-Dec-2017 03:54 pm


#17   Submitted By Özcan Albak on 18-Dec-2017 09:27 am

Congratulations to all nominees and Good Luck to continue to do Good Things for the human & nature

#18   Submitted By Marshal Chilenga on 23-Dec-2017 04:02 am

Congrats and good luck

#19   Submitted By Sunil Sharma on 26-Dec-2017 02:14 am

Heartiest congratulations to all of you. May God continue to bless all of you so each one of you can lead Rotarians to do good in the world!!!

#20   Submitted By Claude CASIMIR on 26-Dec-2017 04:01 am

Good luck for all nominees.

#21   Submitted By Roberta Ramirez-Lara on 26-Dec-2017 12:58 pm


#22   Submitted By Geeta Kadambi on 26-Dec-2017 12:59 pm

Good luck to all nominees.

#23   Submitted By Amin Chahrur on 26-Dec-2017 02:26 pm

Good luck for all nominees

#24   Submitted By Stephen Caxton-Idowu on 28-Dec-2017 04:39 pm


#25   Submitted By ABDELFETTAH SBAI on 29-Dec-2017 04:06 pm