2019-21 Directors-nominee announced

RI President Ian H.S. Riseley declared the following candidates for the 2019-21 Board of Directors. 

The directors-nominee, who will be elected at the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto, are:

Zone: 4

Director-nominee: Bharat S. Pandya

Rotary club: Borivli, India

Zone: 6A

Director-nominee: Kamal Sanghvi

Rotary club: Dhanbad, India

Zone: 10A

Director-nominee: Kyun Kim

Rotary club: Busan-Dongrae, Korea

Zone: 13A

Director-nominee: Jan Lucas Ket

Rotary club: Purmerend, Netherlands

Zone: 22A

Director-nominee: Mário Cesar de Camargo

Rotary club: Santo André, S.P., Brazil

Zone: 26

Director-nominee: Johrita Solari

Rotary club: Anaheim, California, USA

Zone: 29

Director-nominee: Stephanie A. Urchick

Rotary club: Canonsburg Houston Southpointe, Pennsylvania, USA

Zone: 30

Director-nominee: Floyd A. Lancia

Rotary club: Anthony Wayne (Fort Wayne), Indiana, USA