2017 fundraising goal set for Rotary Peace Centers

The Rotary Foundation Trustees have set a goal for the Rotary Peace Centers Major Gifts Initiative: raising $150 million in gifts and commitments by June 2017. The funds will be used to build an endowment to ensure the program’s continuation for future generations as well as meet its immediate expenses.

Each year, up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellows are selected to participate in a master’s degree or certificate program at one of our partner universities. Fellows study subjects related to the root causes of conflict and explore innovative solutions that address real-world needs.

Today, almost 900 peace fellow alumni serve as leaders in national governments, nongovernmental organizations, the military, law enforcement, and international institutions such as the United Nations and World Bank.

The Rotary Foundation established the initiative in 2005 with the goal of raising $95 million, which has nearly been reached. The current $150 million goal will finally endow the program.

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#1   Submitted By Lilliam Almanza... on 10-Jul-2015 08:46 pm

Estamos convencidos de que Rotary es continuidad, debemos fomentar este tipo de aportes para garantizar el futuro de las nuevas generaciones y contribuir a que puedan obtener una mejor preparacion. Fomentemos en nuestros clubes y en nuestros distritos  el aporte a este importante capitulo de nuestra organizacion.

#2   Submitted By marilyn@cmi-dir... on 3-Sep-2015 02:56 pm

You have my support. As communication committe member for Rotarian Action Group for Peace, I am already donating my time. I have made a small cash contribution to a Peace Fellow applicant from the FATA area of Pakistan for his education to pass the required English proficiency test.

I have faith in the future of the Rotary Peace Centers and will be making a donation in the near future.

Support a Peace Fellow from any District.... and know you will be making a difference!

#3   Submitted By Gualtiero Grigato on 22-May-2016 11:42 am

I just came back from a Rotary Seminar at the Peace Center of Uppsala, Sweden. The program is really Amazing as the people working for it, the Volunteers and the University Teachers. But the thing that positively surprised me the most are the Students the Rotary sponsors: THE PEACE FELLOWS. Their knowledge in International Conflict Resolution is so profund and, even coming from differents backgrounds, nationalities and culture, they are all focused in building a better future for our planet ! As a club president this year I'll try to involve other italian clubs and districts to aim their service in the area of peace toward this great initiative ! Please keep supporting them ! DATE IL VOSTRO SUPPORTO AI CENTRI ROTARIANI PER LA PACE !